East End

Tower Hamlets Blairite Mayor John Biggs is politically damaged and is in a state of shock as a result of the latest political battle unfolding within the Tower Hamlets Labour Party. He may either be forced to resign or lose out in a ‘political Coup d’état’ by its own supporters in a quiet plan to anoint his successor, according to sources who saw him last night.

Senior Tower Hamlets Labour figures are already making calls to ascertain who should be the likely successor – even if John Biggs survives the calls for open selection in a trigger ballot by Labour Party members – with Rachael Saunders and others already seem to be privately sounding out their chances to secure the eventual succession ceremony but this must wait for now to allow John Biggs a graceful exit or some time but they can’t wait forever for John Biggs who is now damaged political goods after the initial internal labour ballot results put him in a very tight spot. But publicly, of course, none of this will be acknowledged and Tower Hamlets Labour is pushing the line that everything is normal and Biggs be supported (for now) to avoid further political damage. 

Seasoned local Labour politicians are worried that even if John Biggs survives the calls made by many local members to have an open and transparent selection to democratically elect or deselect him for 2018 Labour mayoral candidate, the results of the initial trigger ballots so far among its own Labour members indicate that he is passed his shelf-life and is increasingly unpopular even among those who supported him last year and this affects all those who benefit from “Project Save Biggs”.

And if they do not have a clear succession plan, notwithstanding trigger ballot results, then Labour will lose the ground it recovered in June 2015 by defeating Lutfur Rahman’s candidate and supporters across the Borough who are now strategically regrouping to challenge the Tower Hamlets Labour party’s current establishment both internally and outside.

If the current events are any indication, the Tower Hamlets Labour Party which is controlled by right-wing Blairite establishment is in crisis and chaos at present and has lost any credibility and brand appeal it may have gained with some people in recent years.

After John Biggs’ terrible performance as the current Labour Mayor and chaos in which the Tower Hamlets Labour Party is in, on the ground  many Labour party voters are saying that they feel misled by Tower Hamlets Labour party machinery because of the way they were ‘used’ against Lutfur Rahman to get Biggs in power through the back door when Biggs could not beat Rahman through the ballot (and the recent announcement by the Police and CPS have rubbished the credibility of the decision to oust Rahman in a political-establishment stitch-up by Blairites, Tories and UKIP who used an ancient law against him that was previously used against the Catholics in Ireland) and they no longer trust local labour party officials who they see as working hand in glove with local Tories on a clear right-wing political and policy agenda.

 If you want to know on what basis these discussions are taking place about John Biggs and information behind the chatter, here are some facts with interesting inside information to digest, happy reading…

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biggs-shocked-at-results-will-he-jump-pushed-or-take-revenge ?

Biggs shocked, will he jump or be pushed ?


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