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Aspire to be the best!?

Aspire, a new progressive grassroots political party, committed to fighting for a fairer future, a safer and stronger society for all communities was launched in the historic heart of East End in Tower Hamlets. The soft launch took place on Friday 2 February 2018 at Micro Business Park, Greatorex Street, London, E1 5NP. Aspire launch Logo

The Electoral Commission has approved the newly formed political party ‘Aspire’ based in Tower Hamlets. Aspire’s emblem is the silhouette of ‘a house’ which will appear on all its literature and formal election ballot papers.

House Logo with Text name

Proud History

The East Enders in Tower Hamlets have a proud and distinguished history of independent-mindedness and standing up for themselves at local level, often against what they view as the tribal and self serving nature of established parties in the name of mainstream.

Aspire is calling all fair-minded residents and stakeholders to join the movement and has set out its policies and priorities.

Mrs Lillian Collins, the Party’s Secretary, said “The Party’s focus is to listen to what people want and fight to ensure the council and its partners do everything possible to meet the needs of all the residents and not just the few. The Party will fight and campaign to deliver for everyone:

– better quality affordable and council housing;
– higher educational outcomes;
– greater jobs and training opportunities;
– enhanced children’s, youth and elderly services;
– increased police officers for safer streets;
– investment in community friendly and green projects;
– greater support and resources to the third sector; and
– A diverse inclusive council workforce at all levels and encouraging partners to do the same.”

Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury, Chairman of the Party, added “This is welcome news and a great opportunity for all the people in Tower Hamlets. We now have a Party which is dedicated to fighting for the rights of local people and bringing communities together. We will be fielding our Mayoral and Councillor candidates across Tower Hamlets in the May 2018 local election. An announcement will be made in due course. Aspire welcomes everyone and call on all fair-minded people to join our movement.”

Despite a few flimsy and cheap objections from the far-right elements in Tower Hamlets politics, the Election Commission has proudly followed the law as well as the great democratic tradition of the country observers say.



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