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Aspire Holding Biggs to Account

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The last full council meeting, tonight, until the May 2018 mayoral/local election in just about 40 days, shaping up to be a cracker at Mulberry Place, Tower Hamlets, WTP reports directly from the Town Hall.

Through community-led petitions based on the feedback from many residents about the real day-to-day issues affecting them, Aspire was the only opposition Group which held Labour Mayor Biggs to account for his failures at the last council public meeting at Town Hall today, according to the official council agenda. You can read the full list of Aspire’ community petitions at the end.

Record Petitions | Dissatisfaction with Labour

Team Aspire’s community activists, led by its Mayoral Candidate, Ohid Ahmed and ten elected councillors had submitted a record 8 residents-led petitions signed by local residents about urgent issues affecting them, their families, neighbours and friends.

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Transparency and Accountability?!

But for the first time in recent history, Biggs-led Labour council shamefully refused six residents to present the petition in person and to address the public meeting, merely listing them to note in a tick box exercise reminiscent of a dictatorship – so much for the much-vaunted transparency and accountability by self-proclaimed Mr Fix It Mayor. Notwithstanding the blatant electioneering by Biggs, four resident-petitions were still forced to be listed and be heard in person.

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Alternative leadership and Community Support

In spite of lavish spend and misguided energy on social media by a few full-time few keyboard warriors, right-wing mouthpiece Liar Popping, and separately through ghost-written material by others, strangely only the Aspire Group – the largest elected opposition group in Tower Hamlets – has demonstrated that they have the leadership, competence, skills and support at the grass-roots level to consistently hold Biggs to account since 2015. Here. Here and Here are only some of the examples. Tonight, the last meeting before the 2018 election was no exception!

The 8 community-led Aspire petitions, have thousands of signatures from concerned and angry Tower Hamlets residents and others who are fed up with the way a dysfunctional, uncaring, discredited and scandal-hit Administration of Mr Biggs and his Labour Councillors have ignored their concerns, failed to provide local solutions, treated the community with contempt and disrespect, according to many residents.

Lib-Dems & Tower Hamlets Labour Revenge!

Fair to say that Liberal Democrats somehow got a look in with their sole petition about speeding cameras but have only one councillor – defected from Tower Hamlets Labour over Brexit. It is believed by many that Tower Hamlets Labour Group then victimised the former party colleague by removing him from the chairmanship of a council committee despite him securing a cross-party support to continue, so he was treated very shabbily and unjustly in a true Tower Hamlets Labour style revenge, according to insiders. Job done, not standing anymore.

Labour Councillors & Momentum Faction Propping Up Biggs

Many residents believe that spiritless, compliant and ‘Yes Sar, No Sar’ Labour Councillors and indeed the so-called Momentum candidates (a faction of Momentum and not the ideological socialist supporters) propping Biggs up for May 2018 are fully complicit in Biggs tragic failures and letting the community and residents down. Both have totally failed the community by not holding Biggs to account internally as they can through the Labour Party Rulebook and process. They are frankly too busy protecting self-interests, personal nominations and deals with Biggs while the residents pay the price of Labour Mayor Biggs’ betrayal, failures, incompetence and lack of compassion and leadership.

These so-called Momentum faction candidates need to understand that they cannot be all things to all people. They must not carry on saying one thing to voters on the doorstep and in private rooms, and something totally different in their conversations and deals with Biggs and their inner circle. It’s a matter of time it will be leaked or exposed on the ground. Learn from Newham! Learn from Corbyn? Some integrity and principles?

Here is the list of Team Aspire community petitions which clearly show the groundswell of residents’ anger with Biggs-led Labour Administration:

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1) Cuts and changes to Raine’s House, Wapping Social Club (Petition from Mrs Sheila Smith, Mr Harry White and many other pensioners and elderly – supported and facilitated by Cllr Ohid Ahmed and Mahbub Alam)

2) Bromley | Watts Grove | Parking Permits and New Restrictions being imposed by the Council (2 petitions from Kabir Hussain, Bodrul Islam and families)

3) Weavers | Dunmore Point & Surrounding Area | Community Safety in Dunmore Point and surrounding areas (Petition from Fazleh Elahi, Abul Hussain and families)

4) Whitechapel | Spitalfields | Shadwell | Drug-dealing, Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime in Gower Walk and the Surrounding areas (2 petitions from Syed Shofor Ali, Syeda Nasim Queen, Dipu Jagirdar and families)

5) Bethnal Green | Burnham Estate Lift (Petition from Farhana Akhter, Jamir Choudhury, Emad Choudhury and families)

6) Budget Cuts and Community Services (Petition from Ms Momina Begum, Mahbub Alam, families and Team Aspire)

7) Save Jamboree – Artists facilities – Campaign (Petition from Rena and others – unknown, not directly related to Aspire but they seem to support it)

8) Wapping Speed Cameras (Petition from Stephen O’Shea and others – Believed to Liberal Democrat petition)


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