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Independent Group calls on Prime Minister to tighten up UK’s Fire Safety Law & urge local MPs to speak out

Call for action in the wake of Greenfell Tower

Ahead of the Queen’s speech tomorrow, Independent Group of Councillors in London Borough of Tower Hamlets have called on the Government to strengthen the fire safety law after the horrific but avoidable tragedy that befell on poor Grenfell Tower residents in West London.

Independent Group is also urging local Tower Hamlets MPs to speak out in the parliament tomorrow on this issue, given that many similar tower blocks exist in Tower Hamlets.

They have issued the following statement which has been sent to the local MPs and the Government Ministers.

As local residents and elected representatives, we are writing to you about an important issue that can save people’s lives and protect the loved ones, families, children and our neighbours.

The tragic fire in Grenfell Tower in West London is hard to swallow with up to 79 people are missing – presumed dead – with widespread public anger, dismay and a national search for answers. They all should have been safe when they went to sleep last Tuesday night. In the 21st century Britain, one of the richest countries in the world, nobody should be living in a home that risks their life.

It’s heartbreaking when you consider that this devastating fire was eminently avoidable. The unnecessary, moronic and petty cost cutting measures by Kensington and Chelsea (K&C) Council or its agencies to reportedly save £5,000 by installing cheaper but more flammable cladding did not help the poor people, which included very young children, trapped in the fire. This becomes even more devastating when you consider the fact that the K&C Council is currently sitting on a shocking £209 million reserves in their coffers – surplus to their requirements – and boasted its ‘achievement’ with ‘£100 sweetener rebate’ to their council tax payers in 2014 before the local election in the name of ‘efficiency savings’.

The government were warned time and time again of the fire risks in blocks of flats like this. But these warnings were ignored. Now, it is imperative that the government change the law to make buildings like Grenfell Tower safer when there’s a fire. At least 20 tower blocks across the capital, ranging from 11 to 23 storeys, are believed to have the same cladding used at Grenfell, according to Construction Enquirer, a trade publication.

In Tower Hamlets, we have many similar towers and residents are genuinely frightened and have concerns. This national tragedy has shown that our laws on fire safety in buildings aren’t fit for purpose. Very soon, the government will make a major speech. They may announce they’ll strengthen the fire safety laws for flats like Grenfell Tower, so this never happens again.

But it can only happen if you as the MPs speak out in the parliament.

Experts have been warning that the government need to update old-fashioned fire regulations for years. After a tower block fire killed 6 people in 2009, the government failed to act on recommendations to make blocks safer. Now, experts say there are thousands of other tower blocks like Grenfell at risk of fire, many in Tower Hamlets.

At least seven countries – Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and the Czech Republic – have recently changed their building regulations to ensure that only non-combustible materials are used on the facades of buildings above certain heights, ranging from 12m to 25m. Fire Safe Europe, a body that campaigns for fire safety on the continent, said other countries must now follow suit.

We’re writing to ask you to call on the Prime Minister to include plans for improved and strict fire safety laws in the Queen’s speech, and seek assurances from the Mayor John Biggs about ‘all’ tall buildings of more than 5 storeys.

We need to make sure all our buildings are safe.

Please will you tell us when you have passed on our concerns?

Best wishes

Cllr Ohid Ahmed

Cllr Oli Rahman

Cllr Gulam Robbani

Cllr Maium Miah

Cllr Mahbub Alam

Cllr Muhammad Mustaquim

Cllr Harun Miah

Cllr Suluk Ahmed

Cllr Gulam Kibria Choudhury

Independent Group – London Borough of Tower Hamlets