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Aspire 4-point Action Plan after Friday’s Terrorist Attack

An urgent motion with ‘4-point action plan’ has been submitted to Tower Hamlets Council by Aspire’s recently elected Councillor Harun Miah of Shadwell Ward. It focuses on the impact, safety and security of Tower Hamlets citizens and the duties placed on the local authority and the Government.

The emergency motion comes hot on the heels of the Aspire earlier statement ‘Evil Can Never Beat Compassion, Tolerance and Truth’ about the terror attack targeting Muslim families and children at their places of worship on their sacred day in two mosques in New Zealand – 50 innocent people died and 50 were seriously injured.

The party public statement earlier was released by Maium Miah – the party’s former Councillor in Canary Wharf ward, its Community Chief Abu Taher Choudhury, along with its Shadwell Councillor Harun Miah.

Aspire say that they want to work together across the political spectrum on this important issue and have put forward a clear and concrete 4-point action plan asking Tower Hamlets Council and Government to act urgently in the spirit of togetherness and solidarity to discharge their duties.

You can read the draft of Aspire motion and its 4-point action plan below:

Tower Hamlets Council Notes:

Cllr Harun Miah, Aspire, along with others, on a cross-party-basis, wishes to put on record that:

  • “Our hearts go out to the victims of the appalling terrorist crime that was committed in Christchurch, New Zealand, which left 50 innocent people killed – including a 3-years old boy, a 5-years old girl and women – and a similar number seriously injured following an attack at two mosques. It is devastating that such horrendous incidents are still taking place in 2019. Islamophobic hatred, along with all other forms, must be stamped out of society.”
  • Friday’s attack was the deadliest and most heinous Islamophobic terrorist attack we have witnessed in recent times. From the information available, including the hate-filled manifesto of the terrorist, it is clear that the terror attack was a meticulously planned and deliberately targeted attack on Muslims. A white supremacist’s deliberate and vicious intention was to specifically target Muslims at their places of worship on their sacred day. It is sickening that the attacker chose to live stream the terror attack on innocent worshipers and chased down terrified little children, including a five years old girl, to shoot them down. This terrorist was on record spouting hate against Muslims and other minority communities.
  • Here in Tower Hamlets, we are proud to be one of the most diverse Boroughs in London. Tower Hamlets has one of the oldest and largest Muslim population in Europe in any local authority in the United Kingdom. The Council is working closely with the Police, who are providing reassurance patrols. We will continue to celebrate diversity and stand together to stamp out any forms of hate. We will continue to be a haven to those seeking a safe place and we will not allow cowardly acts like this to spread fear and hate amongst our residents. We stand united.
  • We condemn the abhorrent remarks by the Australian Senator blaming the murderous terror attacks in New Zealand on ‘immigration’. These disgraceful comments are designed to ‘turn the people against each other’ – exactly what the terrorists want to achieve.
  • We pay tribute to the brave bystander, Naeem Rashid, who died after he tried to wrestle the gun from the Christchurch shooter, his son was also a victim of the terror attack. Also, another beave soul Syed Mazharuddin, who saved dozens of innocent lives during the terror attack on Linwood mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. The worshipper tackled terrorist and wrestled the weapon from hands after he opened fire – saving countless lives in the slaughter of 49 innocents and many seriously injured.
  • As many Muslims across Tower Hamlets, London and Europe, prepare to undertake their prayers at mosques currently, they do so with the mixture of anxiety and angst as to whether our mosques and communities are safe in the face of unabated Islamophobia and hostility against Muslims. We fully support their determination and right to practice their faith and offer prayers at their place of worship without any fear or favour.
  • In the United Kingdom, within the last two months alone, two mosques in Newcastle and Manchester have been attacked by vandals who spray-painted Nazi swastika symbols.
  • In Tower Hamlets, East London Mosque has been specifically targeted by Islamophobes and fascists repeatedly. Hours after 49 people were killed in a terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand, 27-year-old sustained injuries to his head after a man attacked him with a “hammer” and a “batten” outside an East London mosque in Tower Hamlets.
  • In a neighbouring local authority in North London, Martin Stokes was sentenced to 5 years in jail for intentionally driving into a crowd of worshippers exiting a mosque, and last October the Home Office reported that religious hate crime rocketed by 40 per cent across England and Wales in just one year, with more than half Islamophobic crimes targeted at Muslims.
  • Government and local authorities must be extra mindful and do more to allay the concerns of the British Muslims and other minority communities in light of the heightened and continuous risk posed to them from far-right hate crime and terrorists. With Britain about to leave the European Union (EU), as was seen just after the Brexit referendum in June 2016, including the murder of West Yorkshire MP Jo Cox by 52-year-old Thomas Mair, who the Judge when sentencing him to life in prison, said he was motivated by “admiration for Nazis and similar anti-democratic white supremacist creeds.”

Tower Hamlets Council Resolves (4-point Action plan):

    1. To urgently adopt the APPG Islamophobia definition. (In November 2018, the All Party Parliamentary Group, APPG, on British Muslims, published a definition of Islamophobia, based on extensive consultations and hundreds of case studies).

    2. To ask the Mayor to write to the Home Office to re-start and make available its Places of Worship Security Fund  – with funding available locally and proportionate to the risk Muslim communities now face. (A Government fund was launched in 2016, which helps churches mosques, temples and gurdwaras etc. to install alarms security, lighting and CCTV cameras, with bids up to £56,000 per place of worship could be submitted. It was closed in August 2018 and was currently shut for further applications. British Muslims/mosques need to know why this fund is not open on a continual basis, perhaps like to other faith groups/for other activities).

    3. In light of the Friday’s terror attack and the rise in Islamophobic and other hate crimes, to do more to allay the concerns of the British Muslims and other minority communities about the heightened and continuous risk posed to them from far-right hate crime and terrorists.

    4. To carry out new risk assessments and improve lighting and CCTV as an urgent first step, but also consider other measures to improve safety at the mosques.

East End

Bigg Tower Hamlets: The Rat Capital

Tower Hamlets under Labour Mayor John Biggs is crawling badly – in fact, the worst in London.

Under Labour Mayor Biggs, who has a personal office and corporate spin room communication budget exceeding well over £2m dedicated to promote and support him, even the most basic services for residents are falling apart whether it is pot-holes repairs or pest control problems, surely people of Tower Hamlets deserve better?


It is not just Tower Hamlets Labour’s catastrophic OFSTED failure, its refusal to invest in combatting drug-dealing and community safety budgets, its arrogance and lack of transparency about the Labour’s £2m corruption scandal, its misguided closure of 18 youth centres, its shameful removal of free homecare but now the Labour-run Tower Hamlets has been declared the most rat-plagued place in London, another feather in the cap of its current political masters and decision makers.

Labour-run Tower Hamlets can easily bag the most rodent-infested ‘capital in the capital award’, if there was one, after missing out on Cultural Capital Award waste of money, courtesy of Labour Biggs and Khan.

Labour-run Tower Hamlets under John Biggs received the most reports of rats and rodents than any other London borough in the last few years, official figures reveal.


The official complaints about rats and rodents rose by 10 per cent in 2016-17. Tower Hamlets Council recorded over 30,000 complaints about rats and mice in last few years – on average, 16 complaints a day.

rat in homes

The shocking figures revealed earlier but were kept hidden – being ‘managed’ by Tower Hamlets Labour Administration spin masters – in a ‘reactive’ media strategy which simply means: Don’t talk about it, Don’t mention it, Don’t respond easily, unless someone raises it again and again and you have no choice but to respond and address the issue. Oh, Bugger!

London Borough of Brent and Camden were ‘distant’ second and third after Tower Hamlets as the worst boroughs for rat complaints, with 19,978 and 13,558 respectively since 2012.


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Exposed: Veolia Contract and Biggs Tower Hamlets Labour Administration

Shocking details have emerged that Labour Administration of Tower Hamlets led by Mayor John Biggs have renewed Veolia contract despite a whistle-blower telling Labour administration/council that its contractor Veolia is being paid almost £0.5m (that is £500,000 of public money) for the work they are failing to carry out for residents, something they are supposed to do as part of their contract but have not done so. This includes things like proper sweeping rounds and night-time clear up etc. pretty basic stuff really, according to whistleblower.

It seems that much trumpeted new whistle blowing policies under Biggs do not mean a thing and poor souls are just shut down and hunted out under this Labour administration?. But hey ho, it’s Labour and this is Tower Hamlets after all so all is well, just chill, will ya?

Town Hall source say that Labour-run Tower Hamlets Council knew about the shambolic delivery and many residents would have personally witnessed the failures on weekly if not daily basis yet in its wisdom Biggs Labour Administration have decided to renew the massive contract to Veolia, all paid for with the public money, taxpayer-funded. Proper scrutiny, value for money, return on massive investment, basic service checks, oh never mind!

£2m Bribery. What is wrong with TH .jpg

Labour-run Tower Hamlets Council under Mayor John Biggs spent well over £26.5m (since 2015) of residents/public money on waste, refuse and recycling collection yet the official council data (below) shows a shockingly worrying picture for residents.

Ohid 1

According to council record and reports, Aspire Party Councillors led by Ohid Ahmed as well as others have repeatedly enquired about the issue of increasing level of missed bin collection, illogical use of public money, sheer incompetence and cuts to vital community services but Labour Mayor and his councillors have refused to listen or address the key issues affecting residents.

Mystery Solved?!

Could the following help residents understand?

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 5.29.57 PM

Veolia Refuse Vehicles Promoting Biggs across Tower Hamlets in the Election Year! Will Labour be declaring this as an election expense and be accountable for it in line with the Council’s Best Value Duty as previously stipulated by the Secretary of State or that just applies if you happen to be Lutfur Rahman, many residents wonder?

There is more.

Since Tower Hamlets Council was forced to compile the data which was previously not held about refuse collection etc, the official record shows that the total combined number of missed collections by service area at the end of 2017 were:

Refuse: 24,519 missed collection
Recycling: 21,609 missed collection
Food and Garden: 9,285 missed collection
Bulky waste: 1,533 missed collection

Recycling rates have also gone down badly in the borough.

Perhaps the Veolia rubbish collection vehicles were simply busy going round Tower Hamlets promoting John Biggs and his Labour Councillor in the election year, some residents probably think that dustcart may be the best place for their pictures – but for £26.5m – the level of waste collection and recycling service provided to residents by Biggs Labour Administration is alarmingly bad, according to many residents.

In addition, the total number of complaints the council officially received are:

Refuse: 417
Recycling: 175
Food and Garden: 94
Bulky waste: 119

Observers say that this shocking state of affair is another damning indictment on Tower Hamlets Council run by Labour Administration after its OFSTED failure, removal of free homecare for elderly and vulnerable, closure of 18 youth centres, increase in crime, and the serious allegations of bribery/corruption.

*Please note that real up to date figures are likely to be different or higher as the above data provides a snapshot up until the end of 2017.
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Aspire Holding Biggs to Account

House Logo with Text name

The last full council meeting, tonight, until the May 2018 mayoral/local election in just about 40 days, shaping up to be a cracker at Mulberry Place, Tower Hamlets, WTP reports directly from the Town Hall.

Through community-led petitions based on the feedback from many residents about the real day-to-day issues affecting them, Aspire was the only opposition Group which held Labour Mayor Biggs to account for his failures at the last council public meeting at Town Hall today, according to the official council agenda. You can read the full list of Aspire’ community petitions at the end.

Record Petitions | Dissatisfaction with Labour

Team Aspire’s community activists, led by its Mayoral Candidate, Ohid Ahmed and ten elected councillors had submitted a record 8 residents-led petitions signed by local residents about urgent issues affecting them, their families, neighbours and friends.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-21 at 7.08.47 PM

Transparency and Accountability?!

But for the first time in recent history, Biggs-led Labour council shamefully refused six residents to present the petition in person and to address the public meeting, merely listing them to note in a tick box exercise reminiscent of a dictatorship – so much for the much-vaunted transparency and accountability by self-proclaimed Mr Fix It Mayor. Notwithstanding the blatant electioneering by Biggs, four resident-petitions were still forced to be listed and be heard in person.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-21 at 7.08.48 PM (1)

Alternative leadership and Community Support

In spite of lavish spend and misguided energy on social media by a few full-time few keyboard warriors, right-wing mouthpiece Liar Popping, and separately through ghost-written material by others, strangely only the Aspire Group – the largest elected opposition group in Tower Hamlets – has demonstrated that they have the leadership, competence, skills and support at the grass-roots level to consistently hold Biggs to account since 2015. Here. Here and Here are only some of the examples. Tonight, the last meeting before the 2018 election was no exception!

The 8 community-led Aspire petitions, have thousands of signatures from concerned and angry Tower Hamlets residents and others who are fed up with the way a dysfunctional, uncaring, discredited and scandal-hit Administration of Mr Biggs and his Labour Councillors have ignored their concerns, failed to provide local solutions, treated the community with contempt and disrespect, according to many residents.

Lib-Dems & Tower Hamlets Labour Revenge!

Fair to say that Liberal Democrats somehow got a look in with their sole petition about speeding cameras but have only one councillor – defected from Tower Hamlets Labour over Brexit. It is believed by many that Tower Hamlets Labour Group then victimised the former party colleague by removing him from the chairmanship of a council committee despite him securing a cross-party support to continue, so he was treated very shabbily and unjustly in a true Tower Hamlets Labour style revenge, according to insiders. Job done, not standing anymore.

Labour Councillors & Momentum Faction Propping Up Biggs

Many residents believe that spiritless, compliant and ‘Yes Sar, No Sar’ Labour Councillors and indeed the so-called Momentum candidates (a faction of Momentum and not the ideological socialist supporters) propping Biggs up for May 2018 are fully complicit in Biggs tragic failures and letting the community and residents down. Both have totally failed the community by not holding Biggs to account internally as they can through the Labour Party Rulebook and process. They are frankly too busy protecting self-interests, personal nominations and deals with Biggs while the residents pay the price of Labour Mayor Biggs’ betrayal, failures, incompetence and lack of compassion and leadership.

These so-called Momentum faction candidates need to understand that they cannot be all things to all people. They must not carry on saying one thing to voters on the doorstep and in private rooms, and something totally different in their conversations and deals with Biggs and their inner circle. It’s a matter of time it will be leaked or exposed on the ground. Learn from Newham! Learn from Corbyn? Some integrity and principles?

Here is the list of Team Aspire community petitions which clearly show the groundswell of residents’ anger with Biggs-led Labour Administration:

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-21 at 7.23.09 PM

1) Cuts and changes to Raine’s House, Wapping Social Club (Petition from Mrs Sheila Smith, Mr Harry White and many other pensioners and elderly – supported and facilitated by Cllr Ohid Ahmed and Mahbub Alam)

2) Bromley | Watts Grove | Parking Permits and New Restrictions being imposed by the Council (2 petitions from Kabir Hussain, Bodrul Islam and families)

3) Weavers | Dunmore Point & Surrounding Area | Community Safety in Dunmore Point and surrounding areas (Petition from Fazleh Elahi, Abul Hussain and families)

4) Whitechapel | Spitalfields | Shadwell | Drug-dealing, Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime in Gower Walk and the Surrounding areas (2 petitions from Syed Shofor Ali, Syeda Nasim Queen, Dipu Jagirdar and families)

5) Bethnal Green | Burnham Estate Lift (Petition from Farhana Akhter, Jamir Choudhury, Emad Choudhury and families)

6) Budget Cuts and Community Services (Petition from Ms Momina Begum, Mahbub Alam, families and Team Aspire)

7) Save Jamboree – Artists facilities – Campaign (Petition from Rena and others – unknown, not directly related to Aspire but they seem to support it)

8) Wapping Speed Cameras (Petition from Stephen O’Shea and others – Believed to Liberal Democrat petition)

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Former Deputy Mayor Cllr Ohid Ahmed presents his ‘5-Point Action Plan for A Safer Tower Hamlets’ and backs up with ‘5-key motions’ at Tower Hamlets Council asking the Mayor and Council to act urgently. 

Former Deputy Mayor and current Shadow Cabinet Lead for Community Safety and Partnerships at London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Cllr Ohid Ahmed, backs up his ‘5-Point Action Plan for A Safer Tower Hamlets’ with ‘5-key motions’ at Tower Hamlets Council asking the Mayor and Council to act urgently. 

Cllr Ohid Ahmed presented a Five-Point Action Plan for A Safer Tower Hamlets at a press conference. He is now backing his proposal with five concrete motions asking the Mayor/Tower Hamlets to listen and show leadership.

Cllr Ohid Ahmed’s Five-Point Action Plan for A Safer Tower Hamlets:

  1.  Establish a dedicated Tower Hamlets Hate Crime Commission.

  2.  More youth workers, youth centres and provisions for our young people.

  3.  Support for anti-drugs services and campaigns.

  4.  Fire Safety & maintenance – Greater accountability from RSLs and others.

  5.  More Police officers & THEOs on the beat. 

To back the plan, Cllr Ohid Ahmed, with his Independent Group colleagues, has submitted five important motions – accepted by the Monitoring officer and now appear on the official council agenda – for Tower Hamlets council public meeting scheduled for 19 July, dealing with some of the key issues:

  1. Fire Safety in Tower Hamlets.

  2. Acid Attacks, covering aspect of Islamophobia.

  3. Local Sports participation, funding and Olympic legacy.

  4. Youth Services provision & Closure of Youth Centres in Tower Hamlets.

  5. Public Sector – including Emergency Workers – Pay Cap.

These important motions come on the back of strong Community Safety & Security concerns in Tower Hamlets among residents.

ACID ATTACKS: Tower Hamlets is the 3rd worst borough for acid attacks – 84 attacks. The number of incidents involving ‘corrosive substances’ in London alone jumped from 186 between 2014 and 2015 to 397 in 2016 and 2017.

FIRE SAFETY: At least 8 tower blocks and 1 school in the Borough are ‘high fire risk – 3 recent high-profile fires.

ANTI-MUSLIM HATE CRIME/GENERAL CRIME: Overall crime, particularly anti-Muslim hate crimes, knife crimes and drug related crimes have gone up sharply.

CHILDREN’S SERVICES FAILURE: Serious concerns about the safety of vulnerable children and leadership raised by Ofsted. Independent Ofsted report judged the performance of Tower Hamlets under Mayor John Biggs to be “inadequate” – the worst possible rating. The service was previously rated good with excellent features under former Mayor Lutfur Rahman.

YOUNG PEOPLE: 18 youth centres have been shut down in Tower Hamlets and a successful drug rehab project – Nafas – shut down.

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Independent Group calls on Prime Minister to tighten up UK’s Fire Safety Law & urge local MPs to speak out

Call for action in the wake of Greenfell Tower

Ahead of the Queen’s speech tomorrow, Independent Group of Councillors in London Borough of Tower Hamlets have called on the Government to strengthen the fire safety law after the horrific but avoidable tragedy that befell on poor Grenfell Tower residents in West London.

Independent Group is also urging local Tower Hamlets MPs to speak out in the parliament tomorrow on this issue, given that many similar tower blocks exist in Tower Hamlets.

They have issued the following statement which has been sent to the local MPs and the Government Ministers.

As local residents and elected representatives, we are writing to you about an important issue that can save people’s lives and protect the loved ones, families, children and our neighbours.

The tragic fire in Grenfell Tower in West London is hard to swallow with up to 79 people are missing – presumed dead – with widespread public anger, dismay and a national search for answers. They all should have been safe when they went to sleep last Tuesday night. In the 21st century Britain, one of the richest countries in the world, nobody should be living in a home that risks their life.

It’s heartbreaking when you consider that this devastating fire was eminently avoidable. The unnecessary, moronic and petty cost cutting measures by Kensington and Chelsea (K&C) Council or its agencies to reportedly save £5,000 by installing cheaper but more flammable cladding did not help the poor people, which included very young children, trapped in the fire. This becomes even more devastating when you consider the fact that the K&C Council is currently sitting on a shocking £209 million reserves in their coffers – surplus to their requirements – and boasted its ‘achievement’ with ‘£100 sweetener rebate’ to their council tax payers in 2014 before the local election in the name of ‘efficiency savings’.

The government were warned time and time again of the fire risks in blocks of flats like this. But these warnings were ignored. Now, it is imperative that the government change the law to make buildings like Grenfell Tower safer when there’s a fire. At least 20 tower blocks across the capital, ranging from 11 to 23 storeys, are believed to have the same cladding used at Grenfell, according to Construction Enquirer, a trade publication.

In Tower Hamlets, we have many similar towers and residents are genuinely frightened and have concerns. This national tragedy has shown that our laws on fire safety in buildings aren’t fit for purpose. Very soon, the government will make a major speech. They may announce they’ll strengthen the fire safety laws for flats like Grenfell Tower, so this never happens again.

But it can only happen if you as the MPs speak out in the parliament.

Experts have been warning that the government need to update old-fashioned fire regulations for years. After a tower block fire killed 6 people in 2009, the government failed to act on recommendations to make blocks safer. Now, experts say there are thousands of other tower blocks like Grenfell at risk of fire, many in Tower Hamlets.

At least seven countries – Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and the Czech Republic – have recently changed their building regulations to ensure that only non-combustible materials are used on the facades of buildings above certain heights, ranging from 12m to 25m. Fire Safe Europe, a body that campaigns for fire safety on the continent, said other countries must now follow suit.

We’re writing to ask you to call on the Prime Minister to include plans for improved and strict fire safety laws in the Queen’s speech, and seek assurances from the Mayor John Biggs about ‘all’ tall buildings of more than 5 storeys.

We need to make sure all our buildings are safe.

Please will you tell us when you have passed on our concerns?

Best wishes

Cllr Ohid Ahmed

Cllr Oli Rahman

Cllr Gulam Robbani

Cllr Maium Miah

Cllr Mahbub Alam

Cllr Muhammad Mustaquim

Cllr Harun Miah

Cllr Suluk Ahmed

Cllr Gulam Kibria Choudhury

Independent Group – London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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EXCLUSIVE: Mayor’s Head of Office Resigns, Tower Hamlets Under Blairite Biggs Falling Apart.

Biggs Failing TH & LabourHead of Mayor’s Office, Pete Robbins, at Tower Hamlets Council, has decided to cut his losses and call it a day on Mayor Biggs. According to insiders, he has resigned and is due to leave in coming weeks or imminently.

Under Anti-Corbyn Mayor Biggs, Tower Hamlets is falling apart both from within Bigly Tower as well as for residents and local businesses.

Falling Apart

It’s not just Tower Hamlets residents services, crime prevention, community safety, youth and adult services falling apart under Mayor Biggs but his own personal Tammany Hall style political empire is crumbling right before his eyes but this time there’s no villain or scapegoat left to pin the blame on. Mayor Biggs has been careful to take the credit of others but clever enough to pass the blame when things go wrong while fixing internal opposition. Cllr Saunders has been dealt with very shrewdly, Cllr Khatun has been discarded with. Cllr Khales is in the process of being taught a lesson and others are given allowances and positions to keep them loyal.

But it’s still falling part – no principles in policy making, no loyalty for those who supported  him and no care for residents who voted for him.

First, it was Biggs’s shambolic and incompetent Tory-lite budget of £75m cuts, 9% Council Tax increase with more than 300 job losses that targeted women, young people, children services and elderly. His catastrophic choices included closure and privatisation of local nurseries despite his party’s promise not to do so, shutting down 18 youth centres, borrowing Tory votes to get elected, whacking up rents for community and voluntary sector by more than 300% in some cases while he granted himself 11.7% pay increase and gifted 40% increase to the pay packet of the local Tory leader for his personal support for Biggs – all this was done while Mayor Biggs inherited more than £400m in reserves to protect residents, key staff and residents services from the former Mayor Lutfur Rahman and his deputies Cllrs Ohid Ahmed and Oli Rahman. Priorities?

Then Mayor’s own party colleague and his female Deputy Mayor could not take any longer and revealed how she was a victim of sexism, bullying and Islamophobia by Mayor John Biggs, something he naturally denies but such accusations against him are not new and have dogged Mr Biggs for over 20 years – each time made by different persons including those from his own party. Are they all wrong?

Yet Another Disaster

And now Anti-Corbyn Mayor John Biggs’s own Head of Office has given up on him.

The shocking news comes just after anti-Corbyn Mayor John Biggs was dubbed the Donald Trump of Tower Hamlets after accusations of bullying, sexism and Islamophobia by his own female Labour Deputy Mayor, Shiria Khatun – first covered by WTP and then picked up by the BBC and other newspapers.

Separately, Tower Hamlets Labour’s anti-Corbyn parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Limehouse was accused of ‘racism’ by party and community members for his terrible language and behaviour, yet no action was taken.

Mr Robbins is an intelligent man, a seasoned campaigner, reportedly a Blairite who supports ‘Progress’ clique within Labour – basically he ticked all the boxes for Biggs who was struggling to find anyone of repute to work for him – and was duly rewarded by Mayor Biggs with the job advertised at the limit of £73,602 per annum paid for by Tower Hamlets residents. Obviously, being an intelligent man he could sense the mood and saw the writing on the wall for John Biggs in 2018 – of course there will be carefully spun denial and reasons given for party and public consumption but no one will believe a word of it.  This is yet another blow and is something that is seriously concerning the Tammany Hall style backers of what some describe as Donald Trump of Tower Hamlets aka John Biggs, according to insiders.

One can’t really blame Mr Robbins, given Mayor Biggs’s antics and a complete lack of performance and regard for the community he promised to serve before being elected as the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. It has been a tragic anti-climax for John Biggs in power despite the best possible, no-questions-asked-support from his Tory both nationally and locally and the anti-Corbyn fan brigade in Tower Hamlets.

Mayor Biggs’s Head of Office – Mr Pete Robbins – is a former Councillor and headed Tessa Jowell’s failed bid to become Labour candidate for Mayor of London when she was pipped by Sadiq Khan on the wave of support from Jeremy Corbyn supporters within the party but the excitement did not last long since Sadiq turned on Corbyn after winning the party’s nomination race.

This is yet another blow to the embattled Mayor Biggs, supported by Tories and right-wing anti-Corbyn forces within Tower Hamlets Labour Party, whose political career has been fraught with serious accusations of racism, Islamophobia and bullying.

Dignity & Career

Insiders say that the Head of Mayor’s Office has chosen to preserve his dignity and future career prospects by resigning and moving on to the GLA after terrible blunders committed by Mayor Biggs, his incompetence and the Tammany Hall style of politics has resulted in a gradual ebbing way of support for him.

With open frictions, groupings and a toxic atmosphere within the Tower Hamlets Labour Party and Labour Group in the Council, it won’t be easy for anyone coming to work for Mayor Biggs, but money talks!

Let’s just hope that Mayor Biggs does not ‘fix’ another ‘mate’ in this position because as of now (8 June) Tower Hamlets Council has failed to advertise – yet the Mayor’s Office is frantically looking for a replacement – the post that attracted up to £74,000 per year in August 2015 when John Biggs advertised this post of Head of Mayor’s Office to serve him.

Here is a little peek into Mayor Biggs’s soon to be former Head of Office and how much the position cost the residents.

Head of Mayor's Office Advert

Robbins tweet about Tessa Jowell