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‘Two Fingers Up’ at Tower Hamlets Voters

2 Fingers Up At Voters

The Fantasy and a Lie!

Vote Biggs/Vote Labour or the evil Lutfur Rahman will walk in the Town Hall on Friday morning as described in Biggs personal leaflet letters delivered to all voters on the election evening  – a perfect Divide and Rule Labour-Biggs strategy, works like a charm!

The Reality under Labour

Tonight, now the election is over, in his first policy decision since ‘questionable’ May 2018 Tower Hamlets election victory, Biggs and his Tower Hamlets Labour Party gives ‘two fingers up’ at Tower Hamlet’s voters and propose to increase their own salaries by a shocking inflation-busting level, costing the residents about £400,000 per year – £1.4m over the term – according to the leaked official council document supposed to be published online but the details still remain hidden from the voters of Tower Hamlets. Welcome to transparent and accountable Tower Hamlets under Labour/Biggs.

The shocking Labour proposal includes:

1) 100% increase – £32,000 per year, each year, for personally selected Labour Cabinet Members;

2) Another 100% increase in a newly created slush fund for Biggs’ fixer and personal enforcer, also known as, Labour Group Chief Whip, who humiliated a young local Labour party lad at a trigger ballot meeting for asking basic democratic questions, with extra £11,000 – on top of basic allowance of £10,000 (rounded) – there you go, sunny, enjoy, don’t worry, voters of Tower Hamlets will pay from their council tax and parking.

3) Over 82% increase – bumper pay increase for 3 x Deputy Mayors – used to be only 1 Deputy Mayor at £16,000. Now £30,000 + £10,000 basic each = £40,000 a pop each year.

4) Let’s not forget that Tower Hamlets Labour Mayor, Mr Biggs, had already given himself an 11.78% salary increase (£75,000 + expenses) – an extra £12,000 – in his last term approved by his sheepish Labour councillors. Previously, Biggs-Labour colluded with Golds-Tories to force a hypocritical cut of £10,000 in former Mayor Lutfur Rahman salary which Mayor Rahman gladly accepted saying I am not in politics for the money. But hey, he was the real crook for providing a leg up to those desperately needed help in very deprived conditions while the Labour’s daylight robbery, failures and corruption scandal since 2015 are totally acceptable. Presumably, nothing to do with who they are?

Hypocrite Biggs
Biggs came to power in 2015 with the help of Tory votes and gave himself a bumper pay rise of 11.78% – c. £12,000 extra in his pocket since – while Tower Hamlets Labour previously reduced the mayoral salary of Mayor Rahman by £10,000 with the help of Tories. Nobody does hypocrisy better than Tower Hamlets Labour?

Public Questions Banned!

If this was not enough, in its new truly accountable, democratic and transparent style, the Labour-led Tower Hamlets council has now officially banned public questions at the full council meetings to discourage public scrutiny and challenge. Yes, you heard that right, voters/public are no longer allowed to ask public questions at the full council meetings!

Details Hidden

The current agenda papers for the Annual Public Council Meeting do not even link the paperwork about the increased salary proposals for Labour Cabinet and others as required by law! Readers and residents can see here that, item 12, has no linked papers at the time of publication of this article. But here is a screenshot of a leaked page showing increases.

Salary Increase
Tower Hamlets Labour Lining their Pockets now the real Opposition has been plotted out?!

This shockingly arrogant move by Biggs is designed to strengthen his personal hold on the local Labour party by:

1)    Giving almost 24 councillors some sort of SRA (extra money) as Chairs of never heard of committees doing sod all according to many observers.

2)    £32,000 – yes that is £32,000 each year, every year for personally selected Labour councillors paid for by you – the residents and taxpayers – for attending a few meetings but without any executive power as Biggs has kept all executive power to himself. Other Labour Party Councillors and beyond will also receive or have received special allowances (money) and inflation-busting increases.

3)    Biggs has gone further and faster for his complete local hold and has announced further salary increases to all his 3 x Deputy Mayors. There used to be only one Deputy.

4)    Tory Cllr Golds also gets rewarded with a nice little earner to keep him quiet and on a leash with a newly created allowance of £5,000 despite the fact that according to the established policy, only opposition councillors who received 10% or more in council representation (councillors/wards) can claim any additional money but there is always one rule for Golds – Biggsy’s old chum – and the ordinary folks of the Labour party and the voters. Critically, neither Cllr Khan nor Golds can form an official political group in the Town Hall as one needs at least three councillors to do that usually. Unless Rabina Khan formally joins the two Tories – Wood and Golds!? Or if Biggs does a deal with them.

Vote Labour Any Way

Remember all that election propaganda and charade of value for money, accountability and transparency but forget that now, the election is over!

Election 2018, Tower Hamlets

It’s Ahmed Vs. Me, Biggs!

The real battle is between Aspire Party Candidates and Biggs-led Labour, says Tower Hamlets Labour, which essentially means according to their own scientific data and voter id record, if you vote for anyone other than the team of Aspire Party Councillor Candidates/Ohid Ahmed or Biggs-Labour, your vote is actually wasted because your candidate will not really win. Do you want to waste you vote?

Biggs-Labour letter contains a shocking and bitter personal attack on former Mayor Lutfur Rahman stating “Don’t let him succeed” urging Biggs-supporters and right-wing voters to come out using the usual dog-whistle tactic to stop Lutfur and his candidates from entering the Town Hall. Lutfur is not standing in the election.

Ohid Ahmed/Aspire Candidates are almost neck and neck with Biggs/Labour Candidates in Tower Hamlets and can beat Biggs and his candidates, says Biggs-led Labour in a last-minute scare latter to voters. You can see the letter below.

Ohid Ahmed is just a little bit behind Biggs and can win, claims Biggs-Labour own last-minute letter to voters.

Biggs V Lutfur

It’s all about Lutfur Rahman, Biggs-Labour say, but Lutfur is not even standing ?!

The real political fight is between Lutfur candidates and Biggs candidates, claims Biggs-led Tower Hamlets Labour. And, because Lutfur Rahman is really so evil according to Biggs letter so just vote for Biggs, Tower Hamlets Labour argues. That’s essentially Biggs-Labour scare pitch to voters, how charming!

Last night, in a classic Scare-Tactic by Biggs-Labour Election Propaganda Operation, a bitter attack letter from Biggs/Tower Hamlets Labour was being dropped through the door of each voter in certain wards (rumoured to be delivered in areas by Labour where there is a strong presence of NON-Bengali Labour voters and/or right-wing voters but could be to all). The shocking letter tells voters how evil Lutfur Rahman is and that’s why people should vote for Biggs/Labour – that is Biggs/Labour campaign strategy in a nutshell.

Now voters have been told by Biggs, great people of Tower Hamlets must vote Biggs-Labour blindly and on tribal basis! They must not worry about the terrible Tower Hamlets Labour record in power, forget Biggs repeated failures, ignore woefully inadequate performance and incompetence, do not mention Labour’s lack of delivery for residents and forsaking community after elections, shut up about £2m corruption scandal and shush about Biggs/Tower Hamlets Labour driving coach and horses through the real Labour movement values and colluding with the Tories and came to power with Tory/UKIP votes? asks a resident.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-02 at 4.09.30 PM

Of course, there’s nothing in the letter about Biggs-Labour shocking failures: nothing about OFSTED downgrading, nothing about shutting down of 18 youth centres, nothing about Labour cut of 34 police officers and police station front counters, nothing about removal of free homecare and stopping council tax support for mini-cab/cab drivers/self-employed, nothing about 9% Council Tax increase, nothing about Biggs personal 12% salary increase etc. but hey ho, vote Biggs Labour anyways, the letters asks, great people of Tower Hamlets must follow the orders uttered by Boss-Biggs? wonders a resident.

East End

Lutfur Rahman: “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”, the Mockery of British Justice, Manipulated by Political Opponents!

Lutfur Rahman is not standing against Biggs in mayoral election 2018 yet Tower Hamlets Labour Biggs machinery suddenly seem worried and panicking in their political fight against Ohid – their main rival merely endorsed by Lutfur as a citizen.

To counter the shocking dip in Biggs/Labour popularity due to failures in power, and to stop Aspire surge, Biggs is up to his old nasty tricks to win tomorrow, residents say.

It is clear that right-wing forces and Tower Hamlets Labour/John Biggs, want to smear their way through to victory tomorrow by scaring voters, judging by their personalised attacks in individual letters to voters about Lutfur Rahman despite the fact that Lutfur is not standing in the election.

The scare tactic befor the election is something Tower Hamlets Labour/Biggs have mastered over the recent years to gain an unfair advantage in election and to hypocritically smear opponents – a classic propaganda tactic by Biggs, many residents claim.

The latest is the racist tactic of separate and individual letters by John Biggs/Labour party to voters in different wards smearaing Lutfur Rahman, according to many residents and critics.

It is all about Lutfur, again, for John Biggs. But why?

Well, the background to the extraordinary rise and fall of a local, anti-establishment political leader, in London’s East End, could one day make for a powerful TV or film drama. It would centre around one Lutfur Rahman, a popular and charismatic British Muslim, who first beat the local Labour Party establishment to become the ordinary party members’ choice to be the first directly elected leader of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, who subsequently had that selection victory snatched away, restored and snatched away again. But it ain’t over!

Lutfur 1

Former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, was treated unjustly and unfairly by Tower Hamlets Labour Party and continues to be targeted by Tower Hamlets Labour/Biggs.

The powerful drama would follow Rahman as he appealed against Labour’s casual brutalism through its Byzantine rulebook; would reveal the extraordinary lengths many of his political and media opponents would go in order to paint Rahman as an Islamic extremist and would continue by focussing on his popular local policies at a time of central Government induced austerity, through to his election as an independent Mayor. One of the last acts – although possibly not the final one – would be the ultimately successful attempts by some of his opponents to drive the democratically elected Rahman out of office, aided and abetted by a Conservative local government Minister, who ended up effectively running the borough under direct Westminster rule, as though it were a British Overseas Territory such as the Cayman Islands or the last outpost of the British Raj.

Many believed that the Mawrey decision was brutal, partisan and systematically aimed to destroy a popular British Muslim politician, Lutfur Rahman, politically and financially – paving the way for his opponents in Tower Hamlets which are the right-wing Tories, Ukippers and Blairite dominated Tower Hamlets Labour party who supported and were party to the campaign and the petition against Rahman in the election court. And Biggs who benefitted from this flawed decision.

In the ruling, Lord Justice Lloyd Jones and Mr Justice Supperstone said that the findings of the electoral court ‘did not amount to a finding of criminal guilt against Mr Rahman’.

They couldn’t have reached any other conclusion as to claims of Lutfur Rahman’s ‘criminal guilt’, because to this allegation he has never been convicted or faced any charges relating to the findings of an election commissioner, Mr Mawrey QC.

Neither the accountants, Price Waterhouse Coopers tasked with investigating the grant making processes of Rahman’s administration, the Election Commission or the Metropolitan Police have ever produced any evidence whatsoever in support of claims that Lutfur Rahman could be charged with any criminal offence.

Two official letters from the police to Mr Rahman’s solicitors confirmed that there was “insufficient” evidence against Mr Rahman to pursue any kind of prosecution. Yet the unfair political witch-hunt and smears continue against Lutfur Rahamn based on a falsehood.

Simple fact. No charges have ever been laid, and despite continuing political pressure from many of Rahman’s opponents, it seems highly unlikely that any charges will be laid at the door of the former directly elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets.


As with much that has concerned Lutfur Rahman and the almost uniformly hostile media coverage meted out to him and his supporters over the years, the key to this latest ruling was contained in a few words that most journalists simply failed to acknowledge, namely that; ‘any other judgement would have “profound” implications for electoral law’.

These words may yet persuade Rahman to take his case to the Court of Appeal and if necessary to the European Court of Justice since it is now transparently obvious that safeguarding aspects of Britain’s arcane Election Court are of more importance than the innocence or guilt of an individual already summarily dismissed from office, facing huge costs and whose family have been forced to live with the seriously negative connotations associated. But there are wider questions that should worry all those concerned with justice and democracy in Britain.

Questions surely need to be asked – and they may yet be by the European Court of Justice, as to how the judgement of one man, without a jury and in the absence of any evidence of criminality, can be allowed to convict another and to punish not only him – but also effectively all of those who had voted for him?

It is worth bearing in mind the extraordinary private suppositions and personal opinions that allowed a judge to effectively carry through a political coup d’état and which resulted in the removal of a popular elected local political leader from office:

Richard Mawrey QC argued that Lutfur Rahman had:

  • Used religious influence through a letter of support from 100 local imams.
    Mawrey cites a letter signed by 101 imams stating it was a “religious duty” to vote. But there was no outcry in March when a letter from Catholic bishops was read out at masses across England and Wales urging people to “think carefully” about whom to vote for in the general election. Mawrey adjudges this “corrupt” under the terms of an act drawn up when Queen Victoria was on the throne and which was designed to undermine Roman Catholic influence. This was never perceived by Catholics as a just law. They knew that the Church of England had long been known as “the Conservative Party at prayer”, and that the Labour Party was founded by Christian socialists and Non-conformists. According to Mawrey, the intervention of Christian leaders is acceptable in elections but not so for Muslims!

The Muslim religious (and non-religious) community is very divided in terms of its views. The judgment criticises Rahman for referring “to the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets as if it were a small beleaguered ethnic minority in a sea of hostile racial prejudice”.

But Tower Hamlets is not isolated from Islamophobia. The racist English Defence League (EDL) has tried three times to march there, and Britain First came to East London Mosque many times in last two years.

This clampdown goes beyond Lutfur Rahman and considerably expands the role of the state in controlling elections. Mr Mawrey demonstrated that a single man can remove a politician from office based on a remarkably broad set of powers to interpret and decide the facts. An acting judge can suppress freedom of expression, suppress religious freedoms and interpret what are the absolute worse allegations of unfairness (i.e. one organisation getting more grant funding than the other) as ‘bribery’.

As a result of Mawrey, the state can take over any local authority it likes on the flimsiest of grounds. A government which came to power promising more “localism” has ended up placing even more powers into the hands of the state.

Consider this: at least 12 Conservative Party MPs were facing the possibility of criminal charges, after they were referred to the Crown Prosecution Service by police over their election expenses in 2015, following a year-long investigation by Channel 4 News. The programme had alleged that up to 29 Conservative MPs would be implicated in election expense fraud.

Tower Hamlets Labour Mayor, John Biggs, is presiding over a shocking £2m bribery scandal being investigated by the Police and the UK’S FBI – National Crime Agency – involving one of his key campaigners.

£2m Labour Bribery Corruption Allegation National Press Coverage

The Conservative Party has been fined £70,000 over “numerous failures” to report election campaign expenses.

A bombshell report from the Electoral Commission found “significant” problems with expenses reporting during the 2015 election campaign.

Payments worth at least £104,765 were missing from the party’s books, the report found.

Another £118,124 was not reported properly, the Commission said.

To date, not a single one of these MPs has had to face the Election Court. Not a single one of these MPs has been obliged to stand down and the prospect of any of them being banned from office is just as remote.

Paul Bowen QC who acts as Mr Rahman’s lawyer has said: “that the way in which the 2015 judgment was framed heavily implied he [Lutfur Rahman] has been found criminally guilty.” “Public authorities cannot suggest someone is guilty of something when this has not been proven in criminal courts…. But reporting of the election court judgment “read as if he has been convicted of a criminal offence”, while the court itself articulates its ruling “in terms that amount to a criminal offence”.

An election commissioner, jury-less deputy judge, in a civil election court, casting aside the legitimate votes of 37,000 Tower Hamlets residents without a professional investigation sets a very dangerous precedent for democracy in our country which should concern any fair-minded person.

If the investigative journalist, Paul Foot were still alive it seems highly likely that his sharp sense of justice would have been piqued by the extraordinary case of Lutfur Rahman. It is highly likely that he would have used his pages in Private Eye to dig deep and uncover the truth, however uncomfortable it might have been. On balance, and judging on the facts before us today, it seems highly likely that Foot would have realised that a real miscarriage of justice had occurred.

Sadly, today, there are few of Foot’s calibre – but that seems unlikely to stop Lutfur Rahman from continuing to try to clear his name and restore his reputation.

East End, Election 2018, Labour Party - Jeremy Corbyn, Tower Hamlets

2018 Tower Hamlets Election Tomorrow!

It is the D-Day tomorrow for Tower Hamlets political cycle, thankfully!

Biggs V Lutfur

Former Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, (above) supported by the many in the local community as well as by Ken Livingstone, George Galloway and the Trade Unions for taking the fight to the Tories and fighting dogmatic austerity with his local leadership and policies for all residents of Tower Hamlets. Lutfur Rahman now supports Aspire Party’s Ohid Ahmed for Mayor 2018 who is also being supported by a former Labour Peer and current Member of House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed as well as Mrs Lillian Collins, a former chair of Tower Hamlets Labour Party and a long-standing East Ender.

Current Mayor, John Biggs, (above) viewed as Anti-Corbyn Mayor who lost popular vote among Labour party members in the party’s trigger ballot, presided over shocking failures, broken promises and forced his austerity on residents with brutal cuts (despite inheriting £409m from Lutfur Administration). Biggs increased Council Tax by 9% while gave himself a 12% pay increase (c. £12,000 extra), rewarded 40% increase to local Tory leader and is presiding over £2m corruption scandal. Tories voted for Biggs in 2015.

Yet Biggs claims he is better than Lutfur even though Lutfur is not standing. Yet Biggs/Labour’s sole focus, along with their B Teams like Path/Rabina Khan and Tories, is to smear and discredit Lutfur instead of standing up for their own record and manifesto, say the critics (and they have evidence, more on that later), will residents agree?


Former Mayor Lutfur Rahman, File Photo: The Guardian

Vote for whoever you like!

  • Vote for whoever will serve you best according to your own criteria.
  • Consider track record of delivery, support, policies, decisions taken in power.
  • Check if they delivered their promises made to you previously.
  • What is in the candidates/party’s manifestos and pledges, ask them if their pledges are costed and when/how will these implemented?
  • Ask how will what they claim affect you, your family and neighbourhood?
  • It is not the national election but a local election about Tower Hamlets issues affecting its residents but of course within the wider context: community safety, residents services, cuts, roads, potholes, rubbish collection, local policing, crime, drug-dealing, knife-crime, council tax, poverty, housing, youth centres, local EMA, University Subsidy, Teaching support, jobs, training, environment, accessibility of your candidates might be just some of the issue on your mind?

Right-wing Rags

So far, we have heard from Daily Express, Mail and other right-wing rags.

We have heard from Evening Standard about Tower Hamlets – edited by a Tory – which has a chequered history against Ken Livingstone and others for its biased, unprofessional and incorrect reporting of Tower Hamlets politics, Bengalis, Muslims as well as others, something they ought to address, according to many residents.

We have heard from the local right-wing mouthpiece, very probably a paid-up propaganda machine, Liar Popping, with a ‘close arrangement’ with Tower Hamlets Tory Cllr Peter Golds, pontificating to the poor Tower Hamlets Bengalis and Muslims – falsely and cowardly using fake news/un-named letters attacking the first Bengali Muslim Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman and others.

The above and other right-wing propaganda spin machines in the MSM controlled by Tories and/or their right-wing sympathisers have one thing in common, they all seem to hate Lutfur Rahman and his community-led politics with gusto that serves everyone but is not controlled by party masters or scared of the media barons. They previously tried to smear Lutfur as an extremist and failed miserably!

The question is why?

They will tell you it is something to do with the bogus civil election court judgement. False!

They hated Lutfur even before the sham civil election court  judgement. They alway did. They hated him even when Lutfur was  wrongly, unfairly, unjustly, falsely and disgustingly treated by Tower Hamlets Labour Party which continues to this day.

The answer, according to many locals, is that they hate community-led politics which they can’t manipulate, buy and influence to their advantage so they must teach Lutfur and his supporters a lesson. So the establishment and right-wing came together and sorted Lutfur out and banned him for 5 years yet they can’t actually prove anything.

Is there still some hope left for justice in the UK for ethnic minorities (Windrush) and Muslims (Tower Hamlets etc.) hopefully without them having to denounce their faith and their roots to progress in political and social life at the highest level – Sajid Javed. some say?!

Unlike Sajid Javed, Lutfur Rahman, stubbornly and proudly refused to denounce his faith and roots while going out of his way to serve all residents regardless of colour, creed, faith, class and background, many residents feel. This is the real reason Lutfur is fair game for Liar Popping and Trial by Muppet mouthpieces for Tories and Progress Faction of Labour, as well as the right-wing media!

Lutfur 1

First & Former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman

The community-led yet inclusive politics of Lutfur Rahman could not have been tolerated so once the right-wing spin of extremism against Lutfur miserably and publicly failed, they came up with political strategy of corruption allegations laced with their tag of divisive political spin – spent years and millions to make it stuck to finish Lutfur off. They feel that if you throw enough mud, some will stick….Bingo! Yet, no proof but who cares when a brown looking Asian Bengali Muslim guy is being smeared and dealt with by right-wing establishment?

Let’s get back to Tower Hamlets Mayoral/Local election taking place tomorrow.

The Incumbent Mayor: John Biggs

John Biggs – branded the Anti-Corbyn Labour Mayor by many – is the incumbent who came to power with Tory and UKIP votes in 2015 with support from right-wing media.

Despite Biggs’ shocking failures, broken promises and incompetence, he is hoping to survive, ironically, with the quid pro quo support from a Labour Party’s Progress Faction and a few candidates of Abbas-faction of Tower Hamlets Momentum but remains hugely unpopular with party members, according to trigger ballot results and insiders.

According to Biggs spin machine, he will win tomorrow without much effort, increase his support dramatically, wiping out almost all opposition outside of party and sort out future challengers within. Biggs enjoys considerable support from certain right-wing forces and was/is supported by Kippers and the key elements of the right-wing media who will go very easy on him despite his catastrophic failures, allegation of £2m bribery under his watch and shocking performance in power.

Bigly Portrait

Biggs Already Got the Mayoralty in the Bag, Labour Claims!

The Main Opponent of Biggs: Ohid Ahmed from Aspire Party

The main challenger is Ohid Ahmed – once you cut through the right-wing propaganda and Tory spin. Aspire Party Councillor and Mayoral Candidate, Councillor Ohid Ahmed, with 10 elected councillors in the Town Hall represents the largest elected opposition in Tower Hamlets.

Ohid 1

Aspire Party’s Mayoral Candidate, Ohid Ahmed, providing the main challenge to Biggs!

Ohid Ahmed is the former Statutory Deputy Mayor, a Labour veteran who left Tower Hamlets Labour Party due to injustice and unfairness. Ohid has initiated a number of successful local policies, holds an MBA with a finance background, has held almost all Tower Hamlets Cabinet positions under Labour and Rahman eras as a councillor since 2002. He is the founder of Labour Friends of Bangladesh.

Ohid Ahmed is endorsed by 45 Aspire candidates, the first and former Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman, a prominent peer in the House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed, and Mrs Lillian Collins (former Tower Hamlet Labour Party Chair) as well as the significant contingents of traditional East Enders and working-class residents looking for a real alternative instead of the so-called ‘mainstream’ parties who have taken local community for granted, using them as mere pawns and foot soldiers, according to a resident.

Former Deputy Mayor and Founder of Labour Friends of BD, Cllr Ohid Ahmed

Ohid Ahmed also has the backing of the Vietnamese community, a strong contingent of Somali Sisters, Bangladeshi community leaders and others.

Ohid has a fully-costed manifesto and has pledged to donate 15% of his salary to tackle homeless and freeze Council Tax.

Mrs Rabina Khan, Once a Lutfur Cabinet Member, now working with Tories

Mrs Rabina Khan, a local councillor, Cabinet Member under Mayor Lutfur Rahman, is also standing separately. Mrs Rabina Khan – wife of another local Councillor Aminur (Imran) Khan – failed to participate in, and tried to sabotage the democratic selection process to elect the united opposition candidate to challenge Biggs. After failing to win the mandate democratically, Mrs Khan created her small personal group Path and is supported by right-wing forces, backed by a divisive Tower Hamlets Tory leader, Councillor Peter Golds, in a temporary Tory-Path arrangement best described as ‘enemy’s enemy is my friend’ for self-survival and promotion, according to critics.

In a payback, Mrs Khan is endorsed by a TV Imam, Ajmal Masoor, who stood for Liberal Democrats and failed. Mr Masroor was supported by Mrs Khan  in 2017 general election when he stood in Tower Hamlets and Rabina Khan was campaigning hard for Mr Masroor, yet he received only about 3,000 votes compared to the winner’s 42,000 – resoundingly rejected by the local community. Rabina Khan is right-wingers’ favourite option to divide the opposition to Biggs and to masterfully help both Biggs and Golds – hence she gets and will continue to get more favourable coverage by right-wing media platforms, local political observers believe.

A vote for Rabina Khan is a vote for Tories (and helps Biggs too), so do not waste your vote please if you want change, says a local political observer.

TUSC’s Huge Pierre provides an ideological challenge to Biggs as a staunch Trade Unionist who has previously worked constructively with Ohid Ahmed and Aspire Team to hold Biggs to account. Hugo was one of the key local figures in Anti-Poll Tax Campaign against Margaret Thatcher and Tories, and is rooted in the local community.

Altogether, seven candidates will be contesting the mayoral seat – Conservative Anwara Ali, Labour’s John Biggs, Liberal Democrat Elaine Bagshaw and the Green Party’s Ciaran Jebb, as well as Aspire candidate Ohid Ahmed, Path candidate Rabina Khan and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’s Hugo Pierre.

In the electoral wards, a total of 45 councillors will be elected. Seven of the wards will have three councillors each, 11 will have two councillors and two of the wards – Limehouse and Poplar – will return just one each.

The result of Tower Hamlets election is due to be announced the following day, on Friday, May 4. Those eligible to vote will receive a polling card through their letterbox in the coming weeks.

East End, Election 2018, Government - Local Government, Labour Party - Jeremy Corbyn, Tower Hamlets

Vote Rabina Get Golds (& Help Biggs)

A vote for Rabina Khan is a vote for Biggs and Golds, a passionate resident says!

  • A vote for Rabina is a vote for an unholy alliance, another state!
  • A vote for Rabina is a vote for chaos, division and opportunism, a critic says!
  • A vote for Rabina is a vote for Divide and Rule politics of the Raj time, said a critic!
  • This shocking Mir Jafar style politics would make Judas proud, another opined!
  • Biggs is Anti-Corbyn Mayor, none of the Labour leaflets, seen so far locally, contain a single picture of Labour Party leader and 7 Tower Hamlets Labour Councillors, including those in Biggs Cabinet, wrote a public letter against Jeremy Corbyn – working hand in glove with the right-wing/Tory campaign against the Labour Party leader and implementing Anti-Corbyn/Tory agenda in Tower Hamlets while benefitting from Corbyn surge, a left-wing resident states.

So, what the heck is going on in Tower Hamlets to cause this mighty uproar?

Tory Cabinet and Scrap Mayoralty

It has something to do with Rabina Khan wanting to include Tower Hamlets Tory Leader Cllr Peter Golds/Tories in her imaginary cabinet and pledging to scrap the post of the Mayor – the one she is standing for!

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-26 at 6.12.27 PM

Cllr Rabina Khan, left above, on her mayoral campaign trail.

Truly bizarre position to the many who view this as an inconsistent and opportunistic position. Why Rabina wants to stand for mayoralty if she wants to abolish it, they ask?

And, why criticise Tories when in power but suddenly develop a cosy relationship with Golds/Tories just before the election in 2018?

Flying Pig?

According to many residents, the chances of Rabina Khan actually winning and having her Tory-controlled Cabinet in Tower Hamlets is as good as Arsenal winning the Premiership title this season – not even close, forget the cigar!

But it might just happen on Twelfth of Never, they say.

Appeasing the Right-Wingers

Many residents believe that by doing this politically convenient volte-face of pledging to appoint a divisive Tory leader and/or other Tories to her imaginary cabinet and abolishing the mayoralty, Rabina is delivering two of the key Tory/far-right demands imposed on her.

Right-wingers still can’t fathom the fact or a possibility, that an ordinary community-rooted political activist of humble background of any creed or colour without rich powerful national political machinery, or a working class person, or indeed a British Bengali Muslim can, or should, become the Mayor of Tower Hamlets in modern Britain/Europe in the 21st century!

Critically, this also provides Tories/right-wingers with a convenient and useful cover to hide their divisive, false, shameful and controversial politics in Tower Hamlets, these residents observed.

A Vote for Rabina is a Vote for Tories (and also helps Biggs win)!

It is a bit like ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free’ only that what you are buying is usually mass-produced junk being flogged to people.

And in Tower Hamlets Election 2018, it is Vote 1, Get 2 Imposed, observers claim.

That’s why perhaps many in the community feel that ‘A Vote for Rabina Khan is a Vote for Golds as well as Anti-Corbyn Biggs’.

But why?

They feel that if you vote for Rabina Khan or any candidate for her uncertain PATH, you will get Tories pulling her strings as is evident to them thus far, with Golds as the leader of Tower Hamlets Conservatives being the decisive power-broker and her main political strategist – in-charge of her cabinet, her politics and her political fate, they claim.


Residents are baffled why Cllr Rabina Khan is suddenly being supported by divisive Tories/right-wingers and those who opposed her only in 2017!

Tactical Voting

Many residents feel that:

• A vote for Rabina means Biggs will win because Labour core vote will still come out for Biggs, which has increased according to Labour’s voter id data/previous election results and the progress faction of Labour and Kippers will vote Biggs yet Rabina votes will divide the united and strong Anti-Biggs opposition due to Biggs’ Anti-Corbyn policies.

• Rabina has not got the broad support required, despite an attempt by her/path to add 50% ‘fake’ people in her leaflet dishonestly, so according to them a vote for Rabina will mean a waste of a vote in bigger scheme that could be given to Aspire’s Ohid Ahmed instead who can actually beat Biggs in their view, someone who has a consistent ideological position and will holds Tory/Anti-Corbyn forces in check through his fully-costed anti-austerity manifesto.

Alternatively, they say, at least, a second preferences mayoral vote should be given to Ohid Ahmed to hold Biggs to account by those who are not giving him/Aspire the first preference for whatever reason.

DbY_nGzX4AAfHzH.jpg large

A Secret Deal

By doing ‘not so secret deal with Rabina’ to give her their right-wing votes, their support and to promote her in neo-liberal and certain media circle, the right-wingers are cleverly filling four gaps with one bush, observers say.

The politically savvy political observers, who know Tower Hamlets well, believe that the following are the four blatantly obvious reasons for what they view is a disgraceful Divide and Rule execution by Tories/right-wing forces with the full help and support of Rabina Khan:

  • Divide the united opposition to help Biggs (Tory favourite who bagged Tory votes in 2015).
  • Ensure meaningful Tory/right-wing survival in Tower Hamlets by executing point 1 above and co-opting Rabina, for now.
  • Weaken and stop the charismatic and still popular Lutfur Rahman from returning to frontline politics after their smears and political stitch-up culminating in a sham civil Election Court decision without any credible proof.
  • Further damage Rabina’s reputation and burying her credibility, once upon a time part of a credible and principled opposition, who mistakenly believe that by pandering to right-wing demands and appeasing Divide and Rule Masters will not affect her tag of a sell-out, according to critics.

The sad part is that Rabina Khan knows all this fully well yet is willingly and deliberately letting her be used by the Tories, Golds and right-wing forces just for her own ruthless political ambition and quest for power, fame and position in her ‘Mir Jafar style politics’ – her role might be perfectly suited for the position of ‘Judas’ in a new production if she has some spare time on her hand after May 3, a resident opined in a detailed political analysis.

East End

Tower Hamlets Labour Must Come Clean about Corruption Scandal Allegations : Biggs’ Protestations Ring Hollow

£2m Bribery. What is wrong with TH .jpg

Tower Hamlets Labour Mayor Biggs’ Administration Battling Serious Criminal Corruption and Bribery Allegations (Picture: The Sunday Times)

Labour Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Briggs’ Labour administration, battling allegations of corruption and bribery, has been under intense scrutiny based on the extremely damaging revelations in the national media but despite this scandal, and what many residents consider a shockingly poor performance as the Labour Mayor with the absolute executive power and a decisive majority in Town Hall, Tower Hamlets Labour sources close to Biggs strongly believe that he is comfortably expected to win again in May 2018 – his second term in power on 4 May 2018 with Labour gaining as much as 35-40 seats in Tower Hamlets. The bold claim – seen arrogant and entitled by critics – is being made before a single vote has been cast by residents and the result declared by the officials.

£2m Bribery - 2

Another Heading in the National Media about Tower Hamlets Under Labour Mayor Biggs

Labour Biggs protestations ring hollow

Labour Mayor Biggs’s personal protestations and justifications about this serious corruption £2m bribery allegation and the nature of his precise role – the inexcusable delay, suppression of information, action or inaction in this saga by him, and/or those working under his executive mayoral control at the Town Hall – may seem very hallow to many residents, even to some of his supporters.

Biggs came to power with Tory votes in 2015 on the back of politically motivated smear campaign that culminated in a sham Election Court decision pursued by 4 political animals belonging to the right-wing politics, including two Tower Hamlets Labour Party members (one of whom has now ditched Biggs after his poor performance in power and the Labour’s Brexit position), and the UKIP huddled together with far-right, who were ferociously supported in their Election Petition by Leader of the Tower Hamlets Conservatives, Peter Golds, against their arch political rival, former Tower Hamlets Labour Leader and Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, after losing two democratically held elections to Lutfur – one was declared void as a result of petition by political opponenets – when he stood as an Independent Mayor due to widely accepted miscarriage of justice by the Labour Party against him.

Biggs with Badge

Tower Hamlets Labour’s top Decision Makers are accused of working with Tories/right-wingers while ignoring the community/residents and failing to deliver once elected, critics claim.

Worry Not – Labour ‘Already’ Got this in the Bag

Labour Party Councillor on Lancaster City Council, Matthew Mann, a veteran of housing, development and local public affairs sectors, have stated that “..Tower Hamlets has yet again been hit by a corruption scandal allegations, this time in the Labour Party. Allegations have surfaced in the Sunday Times that figures within the council’s Labour administration may have been open to receiving bribes in return for supporting planning applications, with evidence eventually being passed to the National Crime Agency..” and “…It is as yet unclear what level of traction these reports will gain with voters, as no charges have yet been brought forward….”.

This looks like a very similar scenario to what happened to the former Mayor Lutfur Rahman yet he was removed without any official charges – a formal accusation made by a governmental authority (usually the public prosecutor or the police) asserting that somebody has committed a crime. No charges were ever brought against Lutfur reinforcing the view about the sham nature of his removalElection Court Petition pursued by political opponenets and the civil petition decision is no substitute for a professional court with a jury considering formal charges – none of which was the case when Lutfur was ganged up by the right-wing political rivals.

Insulting, Arrogant and Murky?!

Biggs and Tower Hamlets Labour have failed to provide even vaguely satisfactory answers about the criminal bribery corruption allegations published in The Sunday Times, the BBC, Daily Mail and across the board in the media – originally uncovered and exposed by The Sunday Times Investigation Unit.

Tower Hamlets Labour Mayor’s response stating that those asking legitimate questions about the alleged corruption and bribery under his watch – and what critics claim Biggs’ own ‘delaying and suppression tactics’ to protect his Labour administration – are ‘whistling in the wind’ while it was Biggs who hid the criminal corruption scandal allegations under his watch from residents for almost two years – this is frankly insulting and arrogant, critics allege.

Biggs another response was even more baffling stating that ‘I am no Sheriff’ but no one actually said he was?! It seems that Labour Biggs came up with a nice sound-bite without any substance to his answers and expects everyone to follow his politically convenient line to protect his position and that of Tower Hamlets Labour administration.

£2m Labour Bribery Corruption Allegation National Press Coverage

National Media Coverage : Corruption/Criminal Bribery Allegation about Labour -run Administration of John Biggs. Police/NCA are investigating.

Right to Govern!

Any investigation, suspension or action from Tower Hamlets Labour as to who the possible Tower Hamlets Labour Councillors involved could be or none are? Not heard about!?

Any suspension, overhaul, change of membership action about the possible Labour councillors involvement or none from Tower Hamlets Council led by Biggs? Nope!?

The Planning process was not compromised line, as adopted by the Labour-run council, seems a convenient and calculated cop-out which does not fill residents with confidence, does it?

The questions are many: When was it not compromised? By whom? How do you know? Can you reassure residents, tax-payers, please? Why waste public money in getting taxpayer-funded opinions after opinions in secret, hiding from public? Why?

Is it too much to ask given that Tower Hamlets Labour Group led by Biggs appoints the members to the Council’s Planning and Strategic Development Committees who according to The Sunday Times – backed up with the secret recording – were open to receieving bribes apparently?

Why no public statement or progress report from the Labour-run Tower Hamlets Council about the Police/NCA investigation? Is that how you become transparent, mainstream and accountable? ‘If there is nothing to see here guv, at least say that officially? No? Is there? Who knows?

This cop-out looks increasingly like a deafening and hypocritical silence in comparison with the right-wing of Tower Hamlets Labour, Tory and Biggs’ rhetoric against the former Mayor – out of proportion responses and the smear campaign about the politically motivated, lazy and convenient cases of alleged impropriety by their mutual political rival – Lutfur Rahman.

Biggs V Lutfur

Biggs, Current Mayor (left), Lutfur Rahman, Former Mayor of Tower Hamlets (right)

Labour Insider View and Voters

Tower Hamlets Labour insider close to Biggs, on the understanding of anonymity, have said that:

‘Since TV reports have not picked on the £2m criminal bribery story and the opposition’s failure to make this a central election issue, Tower Hamlets Labour will easily ride it out, increasing their councillors, winning handsomely with an increased majority for Biggs who will be re-elected as Mayor’.

The Labour insider, added:

‘No-one really reads The (Sunday) Times in Tower Hamlets (probably implying Labour voters? brackets added), so we will be absolutely fine in 2018 election.’

Many believe that Labour claims could be true as the Opposition groups have failed to sufficiently inform residents about the failures of Biggs’ Labour Administration, critically, about the shocking criminal bribery allegation and the police/National Crime Agency investigation into this saga on Labour’s watch, along with shocking rebuke by OFSTED under Biggs, and the increase in crime when Biggs refused to fund local police in 2016.

It has been more 2 years now since the criminal bribery allegation was reported to Biggs in person – the most serious to have come out of Tower Hamlets with actual evidence of recording but the opposition are too busy infighting, scarred or lacks the resolve.

Ability to Think!

  • Remember Tower Hamlets Labour/Biggs lectures and election pledges about transparency, accountability and good ethical governance?
  • Has Tower Hamlets Labour and Biggs not lost the right to govern in light of this shameful corruption allegation alone – backed up with a recording – when they have failed to even refute the alleged bribery attempt of £2m?
  • Can people or critics pose the questions or will they continued to be attacked with the usual Whataboutery and Ad hominems?
  • Are the voters allowed to consider this before voting to elect who governs them for the next four years?

Tory Golds abandon Biggs and jump in with Rabina/Path?

As for local Tories, led by Peter Golds, they just want to politically survive in a meaningful way but given their record, they may want to keep Biggs in power while propping Rabina up just enough for a strategic use against Lutfur Rahman, his supporters and Aspire, using her as a key tool in a classic divide and rule strategy that the British Raj would have been proud of.

Tories supported and voted for Biggs in 2015 but are now rumoured to be in an informal alliance with Rabina Khan and her Path group as their own political existence in a meaningful sense is supposedly under threat according to Labour sources and they fear the Newham scenario in Tower Hamlets.

Khan’s conundrum

Path leader, Rabina Khan, who is standing in 2018 election, was present with the local business tycon – the £2m Labour fixer – at a press conference just before the criminal corruption scandal allegation involving him was exposed by the national media. Her critics claim that Rabina Khan was on the verge of selecting £2m fixer as her election candidate for Spitalfields and Banglatown ward but was forced to halt after the scandal broke out. The Tower Hamlets Labour Scandal allegation was made public at last – after 18 long months of reported censorship and delaying tactics by Biggs/Labour/Tower Hamlets Council. Yet after more than 2 years, residents are none the wiser!

Critics claim that Rabina Khan’s alleged close association with the fixer stops Mrs Khan/Path and their supporters from making this corruption scandal allegations a central election campaign issue against Biggs for the fear of upsetting any current, previous or future understanding with him. However, WTP understands that Rabina Khan denies any wrongdoing and these claims. We are not aware of any statement from her about the demands for an urgent ‘corruption investigation result’ or about the claims made by Labour fixer who was alleged to have been standing for Mrs Khan’s Path – we will be happy to publish if Mrs Khan or anyone from Path officially email us. The same applies to John Biggs even though some of his views and responses have been incorporated based on his media response.

Ohid/Aspire Ahmed trying hard?

Aspire Party of Ohid Ahmed – supported by Lutfur Rahman as he is perfectly entitled to as a British citizen – have reportedly forced many questions at the Town Hall, issued statements and put out a leaflet/statement demanding answers on the issue but how much traction this gets is yet to be established. Aspire is also welcome to send any comments by email.

Home and Dry with increased majority & Opposition Wiped Out?

Usually active local Bengali media and opposition groups are either too scared, ‘well-managed’ or too fragmented to put across to Tower Hamlets voters the key facts and information about the reported links to alleged criminal corruption under Labour Mayor’s administration, as well as the claims of public and published discrimination by Biggs own Deputy (from Labour Party) against the Labour Mayor Biggs (which he denies) but no independent investigation has ever been carried out or been made public by the Labour Party to establish the truth. This is not the first time allegations of racism/discrimination are made against Biggs by his own party members.

In fact, Labour-run Tower Hamlets Council which has a clear statutory duty to investigate such serious claims of bullying, Islamophobia and sexism (published by the BBC as well as others) made by a serving Labour councillor and Biggs’ own Deputy Mayor has blatantly refused to investigate the complaint after ‘discussing the matter with Biggs, and others – all under Tower Hamlets Labour administration of John Biggs. This may prove to be extremely helpful for Biggs and Tower Hamlets Labour Party for his widely anticipated victory on 3 May 2018 (result expected on 4 May, early morning) with an increased margin, and up to 35-40 Labour Councillors according to Labour sources.

Scared, Browbeaten and Fragmented

Usually exuberant Bengali and other local media in Tower Hamlets, opposition and even the voters seem psychologically scarred, mentally fatigued, emotionally frightened and browbeaten by the right-wing elements to ask legitimate questions since the sham and politically facilitated Election Court Petition and the Election Court verdict (not High Court as ELA deliberately and falsely carrying on publishing) against the former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman’s administration.

To browbeat and put the community – rooted politics in its place, one of the key objectives of Biggs-Labour and Golds-Tory led coalition – seemed to have been achieved in the last unofficial outpose of Britihs Raj – Tower Hamlets.

Criminal Corruption Scandal Investigation

In short, an international firm wanting to build Britain’s fifth-tallest skyscraper in Tower Hamlets was told ‘four Labour political cronies’ would be paid ‘half a mill’ each to approve the planning application.

All such planning applications go to the Tower Hamlets Council’s planning committee called the Strategic Development Committee which has a decisive Labour majority and the Labour Chair – a case for almost more than two decades.

All Tower Hamlets Labour Development and Planning Committee Members are appointed or approved by Tower Hamlets Labour Group – the Leader of the Tower Hamlets Labour Councillors/Party is Labour Mayor John Biggs – and then rubber stamped by the Council as Labour has an unassailable majority in the chamber.

£2m Bribery Fixer was a Biggs Key Election Campaigner!

It is a matter of record that the Labour-linked £2m fixer was Biggs’s key campaigner in 2015 election (The Sunday Times), who secured local business support. Therefore, very probably votes for Biggs and Labour – due to his hard work in campaigning for them.

Was he promised or expecting a nice reward for his work after the Labour victory? Residents do not know for sure but one can put the dots together to come to own conclusion.

£2m Bribery - 3

The Labour fixer also hosted a campaign meeting for Biggs at his business place.

Therefore, given the delay and hiding of information from the public domain under his mayoral watch when Biggs was personally approached by the international firm with evidence and information, Labour Mayor Biggs can’t claim that he did everything right because facts do not support his bizzare claim despite his rather entitled justifications and denials, critics say.

Nothing to see here, guv?

Labour Can’t Hide its Head in Sand

  • The voters do not know if and who are the 4 Tower Hamlets Labour Politicians/Councillors are – demanding £500,000 each (combined £2m) to approve a local planning application for the 5th tallest skyscraper in the country, according to the Sunday Times.
  • The residents deserve to, at the very least, have a clear official statement from Tower Hamlets Labour that no Labour Councillors was involved and the Labour fixer who campaigned for Labour Mayor Biggs was lying?! or that those involved, suspected/reported to have been involved from internal intelligence of the party have been removed from the process until the final outcome is known?
  • In the absence of the above set of information, what shall neutral residents believe?
  • Can the Labour Party simply shrug its shoulder without its own internal investigation to reassure the residents and its own ordinary and decent members that ‘there is nothing dodgy or corrupt taking place in Tower Hamlets Labour or Council led by its Labour Mayor and councillors?

The Hypocrisy

Where is the hurriedly arranged special Police and Crime Committee hearing at London Councils, supported by Labour GLA member, as was the case about other such issue – another politically forced police invetigation against their political rival – supported and attended by Biggs, Golds and the right-wing Labour and Tory politicians?

Where is the moral and hysterical outrage by Labour and Tories we are accustomed to before the election when Lutfur Rahman was the Mayor or contesting directly?

Kick the Labour Corruption scandal in the long grass – like many other failures under Biggs – and hope voters will not remember or have the intelligence to comprehend? A fine strategy by Tower Hamlets Labour!?

Tower Hamlets Labour’s Broken Promises

Oh, the Tower Hamlets Labour’s subliminal jibes and Biggs’ soundbite of being ‘mainstream’ aimed at his political rivals – not sure if they meant serious corruption/bribery allegations will be so mainstream that international firms based in Hong Kong will be affected by their alleged dodgy and corrupt practices and the good name of Tower Hamlets dragged through the mud across the front page of The Sunday Times and reported widely by media across the board – mainstream enough, one might think?

People of Tower Hamlets simply want someone who can deliver for them, who can put them first, who can stand up for them, who can inspire them, who can aspire to be better and truer, someone who is half decent and won’t let them down once in power. They don’t particularly want a saint or a sinner, not a polished performer in front of camera or someone with an impeccable English accent – it is about merit, the track record, the policy pledges, the integrity and sticking up for principles and standing up for those who vote for you even when the going gets tough.

In any objective analysis, it can easily be argued that Labour Biggs failed in his primary duty of accountability, transparency and to maintain integrity, something the Labour Mayor was bound to uphold in the public office and pledged to deliver before he was elected in 2015. Yet, Tower Hamlets Labour ain’t really seem bothered to come clean about a number of key issues, apologise for their wrongs and indeed the criminal bribery allegations.

How can Residents Trust Tower Hamlets Labour?

Many believe that given the above situation, with the shocking record in power laced with incompetence, failures and broken promises, how can residents believe a word John Biggs and Tower Hamlets Labour say, especially after the failures and incompetence, just before the election?

East End

Biggs Bags, Rabina slapped, Ohid insulted

Like Rip Van Winkle, what many believe to be a mouthpiece for Tower Hamlets Labour’s Progress faction and its Mayor Biggs, with the history of working with the right-wingers, run by someone who made a career out of hysterical Lutfur and Tower Hamlets bashing, is conveniently back, declaring Biggs has got it ‘in the bag’ as Mayor of Tower Hamlets again, less than 3 weeks before the people of Tower Hamlets have their democratic say in May 2018 election. Welcome to Trial by Jeory blog run by Daily Express’s Ted Jeory.


A previous news report written by Ted Jeory with the above picture in Daily Express in which Tower Hamlets being compared with Iraq

For a good measure Jeory described Ohid Ahmed, Lutfur Rahman supporters as well as Aspire Party – a registered political party with the Election Commission like anyone else – as Muppets – adding to the many derogatory terms and insults he has used previously for them: a very grown up, analytical and professional approach so we can justifiably give Jeory’s blog a new name as our previous title ‘Trial by Dreary’ was getting a bit boring (no pun or self-deprecating humour intended of course!), so lets’ just refer to this mouthpiece, disguised as some sort of objective analysis and reporting blog, as ‘Trial by Muppet (TbM)’.

Biggs V Lutfur

Former Mayor Lutfur Rahman (left), current Labour Mayor Biggs (right)

Trial by Muppet was nowhere to be seen on critical issues affecting the battered and let down Tower Hamlets residents, nursey mothers, young people, elderly, vulnerable and self-employed to name a few – all of whom were suffering in the Labour fiefdom of Biggs due to the failures, policies and incompetence of Tower Hamlets Labour Administration and Biggs Labour Councillors. – amidst his deals of self survival with both, a faction of Tower Hamlets Momentum and Progress faction.

Ohid 1

Aspire Mayoral Candidate 2018 – Ohid Ahmed – has been reportedly asking the voters to judge him and Aspire Team on their proven track record of delivery for residents in administration.

This was exacerbated by the shocking inability and unwillingness of Tories to see beyond their hatred for the community-led politics of the former Mayor Lutfur Rahman, its supporters and many residents who support him despite the right-wing witch-hunt, even though he is not in power since 2015. It is obvious from many residents’ perspective that despite Rahman administration’s few flaws – it was head and shoulders above in delivering for the residents compared with Labour Administration of Biggs.

Tories spectacularly failed to hold Labour Mayor Biggs to account in any meaningful way until almost the election year when their own political survival in any serious form looks shaky – even now Tower Hamlets Tory leader Golds will never criticise Biggs publicly and fully, as he supported him in 2015 in a Tory/Labour/UKIP alliance against Lutfur Rahman. Concurrently and unfortunately, Rabina Khan was too busy propping up Tory Deputy Leader/Cllr as the key and powerful Scrutiny Lead with additional pay packet at the Town Hall instead of supporting her own group or former colleagues. This is her politics now and she is fully entitled to it in her new “fresh” politics for Tower Hamlets.


Rabina Khan consulting Tory leader Golds (Pic: TTRW)

Psychological Warfare, Postal Votes & Polling Day

So why now TbM pops up suddenly like Rip Van Winkle out of its slumber?

The clue is in the heading above, many believe that Trial by Muppet is back to praise Rabina just enough – a little bit – with one hand, yet slapping her down with another while going back to what it always does/did best – supporting Biggs/Progress faction of Labour with an arrogant claim, attributed to another of its Muppet sources that Biggs has got it “in the bag” to become the Mayor of Tower Hamlets again for the second term in 2018. Even it is possibly correct, the timing is questionable.

Very shrewdly, Jeory praises Rabina enough while politically slapping her down – metaphorically speaking of course – telling he she better wait another four years to fight it out for power (possibly against Rachel Blake, more on that later, but those who know local politics will know that is politically just a load of cobblers as it will be far too late and politically may not as as viable).

Good luck to the Trial Muppet and its sources, because they obviously know better than the voters of Tower Hamlets, it is an astonishingly entitled and arrogant thing to say just weeks before the election?! This is not the British way. People generally do not like such arrogance but then when you have a Labour fiefdom and media control/contacts of this nature dedicated to supporting Biggs and his right-wing faction – who cares about the little inconsequential ‘populus’ – voters of Tower Hamlets.

Worried Tories find Rabina a perfect tool?

Separately, in a tug of prediction war of entitlement, manipulation and arrogance, another right-wing Tory mouthpiece blog is already declaring Rabina as possibly the next Mayor of Tower Hamlets because Tories will now be supporting Rabina this time, with Khales (and Abbas faction of Momentum who Khales was the mouthpiece in the Twn Hall and Labour) is rumoured to join them behind the scene at first in the election, before all bets come off beyond 2018 with another trigger ballot – Biggs/Blake/Progress line up against Momentum to get the control of local party apparatus and to anoint Blake as the next mayoral candidate for Labour which will not only burst Rabin’s bubble but also allow Labour to try to bury Biggs failures for 2022. So, Tories are getting their ducks in a row with a new political alliance on the horizon with Rabina, Abbas/Khales and Tories/Golds – a “fresh” start, of course!


Rabina Khan reportedly working Tories and Khales/Abbas.

This is because Tories are very worried that Tower Hamlets can become another Newham where Tories can’t get even a look in. Labour is reportedly working hard to get rid of Peter Golds as he is no longer a strategic asset for Labour/Biggs.

Their strategists are working out if Khales/Abbas/Rabina/Golds camp might just be enough to tilt the balance away from Labour and provide Tories with a serious platform to take proxy or outright control of the borough.

Labour to gain 35-40 seats with Biggs

But Biggs Labour sources are already predicting Labour making monumental gains in Tower Hamlets with up to 35-40 seats and Biggs got it in the bag claims are publicly being aired. Ironically, Anti Corbyn Tower Hamlets hierarchy is hoping to achieve that on the coat-tail of Corbyn surge nationally in general election. They are hoping that although the party decision makers in Tower Hamlets and key movers and shakers are Anti-Corbyn, they can still walk a tight rope to get the Corbynistas to come out for Labour/Biggs – despite Tower Hamlets Labour being predominantly Anti Corbyn – on the back of national success while getting its own right-wing Labour/Progress faction vote out with other UKIP/right-wing elements outside of Labour also supporting them. There are various deals done with a faction of Abbas led Momentum but it remains to be seen that despite public posturing if the Abbas faction will deliver enough for Rabina and Tory alliance on 3 May 2018, and possibly beyond.

The Labour gains are predicted in the wards like Shadwell, Spitalfields and Banglatown, Stepney Green, Isle of Dogs and Whitechapel because in their analysis Aspire and Path will be cancelling each other out with Labour sneaking through with a bigger majority – Tories, Aspire and Path are barely expected to survive in Tower Hamlets, according to a published Labour analysis.

Many might view all of these synchronised and carefully timed predictions and claims a key part of the psychological manipulation – a key part of the political warfare as the postal votes start landing on residents’ mats from today and polling day comes near. They perhaps feel that key Bangladeshi community/voters and possibly some others tend to swing with the winner regardless of principles or ideology. However, they should know that it must be matched by feel, campaign and attitude of voters on the ground beyond their arm-chair predictions and claims by sources.

The Community/Residents Decide!

People of Tower Hamlets have heard all such kind of predictions before in 2010 and 2014 and indeed in 2015 where Biggs should have smashed the support-base of apparently “corrupt” and “extremist-linked” first Muslim left-wing Mayor of Bangladeshi origin in Europe as the right-wingers and their media contacts will have you believe? Right?!

So, now the right-wing Labour mouthpieces and Tory spin masters say that Aspire/Ohid Ahmed/Lutfur Rahman will quite possibly be wiped out, Biggs will bag it and Rabina is the mayor in the making but she lacks credibility, leadership and substance – albeit plays well on the camera, according to comments.

So, take all this politically motivated predictions with a spoonful of salt, remembering this is all part of manipulation and political tactics and you – the voters – will decide, not some secret deals between Tories, Rabina and Khales/Abbas, or Biggs and Blake/progress faction, or indeed Lutfur and Ohid.

Golds with Khales

Leader of Tower Hamlets Tories, Golds, praising (deselected by Labour) Khales Ahmed at a press conference as he joins Rabina Khan/PATH (Pic: TTRW)

People of Tower Hamlets

People of Tower Hamlets are no fools as much as the right-wing press and their local supporters might like to think.

Jeory and RW with Khales

Rabina Khan’s election candidate Khales Ud Din Ahmed with all his right-wing leaders. Left to right: John Ware, Ted Jeory, Khales Uddin Ahmed and Andrew Gilligan. (file pic, courtesy TTRW)

They know the fact that Ted Jeory’s blog – like many similar attempts by others – in which he clearly declared Labour/Biggs a presumptuous winner in May 2018 Tower Hamlets election, hiding behind a senior Labour figure, while discrediting and insulting Aspire/Ohid Ahmed/Lutfur Rahman (old habits die hard) was nowhere to be seen when:

  1. Biggs shocking Children’s Service failures with a drop in OFSTED rating – from “good” under Lutfur Rahman to “inadequate” under Biggs.
  2. Brutal cuts and key front-line services were slashed and burned under Biggs.
  3. Nearly 2,000 workers/employees were sacked or left the council under Labour Biggs – nearly 1200 women and 800+BAME staff something all 3 Labour affiliated TUs are so concerned about that they have raised the issue jointly and publicly.
  4. Anti-Drug, faith, community, youth related support were targeted by Labour/Tory Alliance. When police stations were being closed down and crime shooting up and Biggs was refusing to fund 34 police officers like Lutfur/Ohid did.
  5. £2m bribery scandal linking Biggs and Labour by a supporting businessman.
  6. Nowhere to be seen when serious and shocking claims of misogyny, sexism, bullying and Islamophobia were being made by serving Labour members of Biggs cabinet and still remain unresolved and without conclusion.
  7. Where was Trial by Muppet when Raine’s House elderly and pensioners were being shafted by Biggs led Labour Administration and asked to pay £35/40 per hour to use a community centre they have used for 45 years!?
  8. Need we go on? The list is endless to showcase the hypocrisy as well as the Muppet’s favourite term – whataboutery – hurled in the unsophisticated abuse dished out at ordinary voters who put their faith in Lutfur Rahman and Ohid Ahmed administration. We do not claim to be neutral or journalists – we say as we see it. The clue is in the name, “Speaking Truth to Power” in our opinions.

Big-up Biggs, Step Forward Blake

Trial by Muppet’s political task is s clear – Rubbish and insult Aspire/Ohid Ahmed/Lutfur, Slap Rabina Khan down just enough, make Tories irrelevant and use them only when needed to attack Lutfur Rahman and his supporters and promote right-wing of Labour and Biggs, clumsily done with a sympathy card thrown in that it will be Biggsy’s last term.

We have all heard the rumours but are we now beginning to witness perhaps a Tower Hamlet version of Granita pact of Blair/Brown with Biggs stepping down and anointing another progress-supported deal where Councillor Rachel Blake, reportedly a wife of another Labour Councillor, Chair of Strategic Development Committee, be chosen as mayoral candidate for 2022?

Nothing on Biggs/Labour Corruption Scandal

Given Labour/Biggs is in power, with local planning and development always controlled by Labour Councillors, and reportedly Labour/Biggs have it in the bag, nowhere did the TbM mentioned The Sunday Times investigation team and the police/NCA has yet to publish something further about the criminal £2m bribery allegation scandal involving Labour/Biggs local businessman campaigner – where the Labour-linked fixer is reported to have “played a key role in rallying support among business people for the borough’s current Labour mayor, John Biggs” by The Sunday Times – obviously not important enough story for the Muppet to seek help from the conveniently available senior ‘Labour sources’.

Opportunistic Track Record

Trial by Muppet is unsurprisingly trying to be relevant now – compared this to 2010, 2014 and 2015 when it was in hyper-active mode – with one hand now bigging up Rabina Khan a little bit, simply because she fell out with Lutfur (the dreadful eternal enemy of the right wingers in Labour and Peter Golds’ Tories) and in doing so Rabina dividing the anti-Tory and anti-right-wing vote bank, so according to Jeory, deserves a bit of a praise while on the other hand TbM slapping her down brutally as follows:

  • Stating that her (Rabina’s) idea of cross party working (including Tories like Peter Golds sitting at her Cabinet table, presumably stopping the funding for Bengali Mother tongue classes and cut the Trade Union facility time as they put forward each year in their budget) is “fraught with problems”.
  • Rabina is “desperate” for help… and describing her as “The former Lutfur cheerleader, who (Rabina) at the time he (Lutfur) was in power said there was nothing to see here, guv, now says “we all need a listening council that is both transparent and accountable”. Which is what they all say”. Back-handed slap?
  • “Because she doesn’t have any party apparatus to speak of” (hence she has to add unworkable and fairytale bits like a cross-party cabinet involving Tories etc.). Ouch!

Cheerleaders/Reader’s Reaction

But it was the Trial by Muppet cheerleaders and/or readers – who in a synchronised manner – exposed the holes and laid into Rabina Khan, courtesy of Jeory’s conveniently timed piece for Biggs and the following is what they said (not all in full, brackets added for clarity, summed up in red by WTP and any typos are left as appeared in the posts in the public comments section at TbM):

Grave Maurice said: “If people vote for her (Rabina) it will be like Stockholm Syndrome on an epic scale! She is basically saying “even though I’d be a dreadful mayor and more divisive than you can possibly imagine, vote for me and I promise to abolish my own job.” I wouldn’t trust her at all. I also think it’s bizarre to think there could be any sort of rapprochement between her and Peter Golds …. she used to behave towards him in the most vile and hysterical way in the council chamber. Will Rabina and Ohid do some sort of last minute deal or will they really go head to head? (This is something bothering a lot of Tories not just for now but in the long and medium term political discourse) – Worried about a last-minute or long-term future deal between Ohid, Lutfur and Rabina

Madsvid said: “…..And, then we are not even touching voter apathy, with voters either staying at home or angry enough to make (yet another) protest against the “establishment”. I have for some time stated on Twitter that I would vote for the new Aspire party, as the two main parties in Wapping & St Katharine’s have nothing tangible offer. Apart from “riding” in only three months before the election and suddenly they want to promise the sky whilst taking a selfie video in front of discarded mattresses and other objects. As opposed to being consistent in helping throughout their term in office, or long-term campaign to get in. In all fairness, Julia of the Conservatives has been good. But we have known since last General Election that she would leave. And the new team does not appear to offer anything of substance. Labour candidates are no better as they too have only shown up for election time.….(ending up having second thoughts about Rabina due to the article)” – Aspire/Ohid supporter, fed up with both Tories and Labour who have done nothing in the IoD who is now probably having second thoughts after carefully crafted piece by Jeory as intended by TbM

ManOnThe339 said: “I have been at both hustings and the thing that stuck out to me regarding Rabina was that most of her points involved spending money and there wasn’t a clue as to where the money was going to come from. Rabina seems to live in a world where difficult choices aren’t necessary.

Rabina (in the second hustings in particular) was playing to the camera and not the audience………………..I left with a feeling that Rabina would split the borough…….

The organisation of this FoE hustings wasn’t great with Rabina, in particular, being allowed to rattle on whilst others were shut down for exceeding their time……………Concerns about Rabina splitting the Borugh, unable to understand finance and being given unfair and undeserved attention and time

Fonzy said: “I was wondering if Rabina Khan was cycling around the borough campaigning, or are we taxpayers footing the bill so she can run around in Taxi’s at our expense? All these wonderful people who have found a fresh start in her seem to have forgotten nust how much of the piss she has taken using taxi’s when she was cabinet member in Lutfur Rahman’s administration? Rabina Khan is a FAKE and overtly too big for her own boots. …………..I am sure you can dig out the video of her election campaign launch at the Waterlilly back in 2015. A tear-jerking emotional Rabina constantly pointing to Lutfur Rahman in sympathy and gratitude. What a show?” –No holds barred in above comments by a reader, accusing Rabina of being “FAKE” insinuating that Rabina is a good actor, a good performer who knows what buttons to touch)

Monja said: “Manifestos like Rabina’s usually make me angry as they seem to assume voters will be foolish enough to believe that money for all these wonderful things will grow on trees as soon as the candidate is elected. ……She’d shown extreme ineptitude whilst being Lead Member for Housing under Lutfur and thus in charge of this pit of ineptitude and ill will that was Tower Hamlets Homes. After a few years in charge of housing she still doesn’t understand it would be illegal to cap leaseholders’ contributions and subsidise them from Council’s funds…………Of course it would be different this time cos Rabina will grow all this juicy money, so bad things won’t happen. Sadly grown ups don’t believe in money trees. I’m hopeful she’ll need a back up career plan after losing; I can see her as fairytale writer.” Self explanatory….?

And finally, Jay Kay, said:

Biggs is in trouble now that Helal Abbas has defected (well most people know that Khales is the Abbas mouthpiece) and if the rumours are true that Golds has done a deal with Rabina. The Labour party would say different wouldn’t they. I was at the Friends of the Earth hustings and none of the candidates impressed, even Biggs who appeared tired and worn out. Biggs only spoke of charging people more for services and “changing people’s behaviour,” and the others were only concerned with one or two sections of the community, not everybody……I wouldn’t trust Rabina, even less that she might hold a vote to lose her Mayoralty; a job she has long coveted.” Well, now there is a thought, Vote for me/Rabina for Mayor and I will abolish the job you vote and the one I am standing for!