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‘Two Fingers Up’ at Tower Hamlets Voters

2 Fingers Up At Voters

The Fantasy and a Lie!

Vote Biggs/Vote Labour or the evil Lutfur Rahman will walk in the Town Hall on Friday morning as described in Biggs personal leaflet letters delivered to all voters on the election evening  – a perfect Divide and Rule Labour-Biggs strategy, works like a charm!

The Reality under Labour

Tonight, now the election is over, in his first policy decision since ‘questionable’ May 2018 Tower Hamlets election victory, Biggs and his Tower Hamlets Labour Party gives ‘two fingers up’ at Tower Hamlet’s voters and propose to increase their own salaries by a shocking inflation-busting level, costing the residents about £400,000 per year – £1.4m over the term – according to the leaked official council document supposed to be published online but the details still remain hidden from the voters of Tower Hamlets. Welcome to transparent and accountable Tower Hamlets under Labour/Biggs.

The shocking Labour proposal includes:

1) 100% increase – £32,000 per year, each year, for personally selected Labour Cabinet Members;

2) Another 100% increase in a newly created slush fund for Biggs’ fixer and personal enforcer, also known as, Labour Group Chief Whip, who humiliated a young local Labour party lad at a trigger ballot meeting for asking basic democratic questions, with extra £11,000 – on top of basic allowance of £10,000 (rounded) – there you go, sunny, enjoy, don’t worry, voters of Tower Hamlets will pay from their council tax and parking.

3) Over 82% increase – bumper pay increase for 3 x Deputy Mayors – used to be only 1 Deputy Mayor at £16,000. Now £30,000 + £10,000 basic each = £40,000 a pop each year.

4) Let’s not forget that Tower Hamlets Labour Mayor, Mr Biggs, had already given himself an 11.78% salary increase (£75,000 + expenses) – an extra £12,000 – in his last term approved by his sheepish Labour councillors. Previously, Biggs-Labour colluded with Golds-Tories to force a hypocritical cut of £10,000 in former Mayor Lutfur Rahman salary which Mayor Rahman gladly accepted saying I am not in politics for the money. But hey, he was the real crook for providing a leg up to those desperately needed help in very deprived conditions while the Labour’s daylight robbery, failures and corruption scandal since 2015 are totally acceptable. Presumably, nothing to do with who they are?

Hypocrite Biggs
Biggs came to power in 2015 with the help of Tory votes and gave himself a bumper pay rise of 11.78% – c. £12,000 extra in his pocket since – while Tower Hamlets Labour previously reduced the mayoral salary of Mayor Rahman by £10,000 with the help of Tories. Nobody does hypocrisy better than Tower Hamlets Labour?

Public Questions Banned!

If this was not enough, in its new truly accountable, democratic and transparent style, the Labour-led Tower Hamlets council has now officially banned public questions at the full council meetings to discourage public scrutiny and challenge. Yes, you heard that right, voters/public are no longer allowed to ask public questions at the full council meetings!

Details Hidden

The current agenda papers for the Annual Public Council Meeting do not even link the paperwork about the increased salary proposals for Labour Cabinet and others as required by law! Readers and residents can see here that, item 12, has no linked papers at the time of publication of this article. But here is a screenshot of a leaked page showing increases.

Salary Increase
Tower Hamlets Labour Lining their Pockets now the real Opposition has been plotted out?!

This shockingly arrogant move by Biggs is designed to strengthen his personal hold on the local Labour party by:

1)    Giving almost 24 councillors some sort of SRA (extra money) as Chairs of never heard of committees doing sod all according to many observers.

2)    £32,000 – yes that is £32,000 each year, every year for personally selected Labour councillors paid for by you – the residents and taxpayers – for attending a few meetings but without any executive power as Biggs has kept all executive power to himself. Other Labour Party Councillors and beyond will also receive or have received special allowances (money) and inflation-busting increases.

3)    Biggs has gone further and faster for his complete local hold and has announced further salary increases to all his 3 x Deputy Mayors. There used to be only one Deputy.

4)    Tory Cllr Golds also gets rewarded with a nice little earner to keep him quiet and on a leash with a newly created allowance of £5,000 despite the fact that according to the established policy, only opposition councillors who received 10% or more in council representation (councillors/wards) can claim any additional money but there is always one rule for Golds – Biggsy’s old chum – and the ordinary folks of the Labour party and the voters. Critically, neither Cllr Khan nor Golds can form an official political group in the Town Hall as one needs at least three councillors to do that usually. Unless Rabina Khan formally joins the two Tories – Wood and Golds!? Or if Biggs does a deal with them.

Vote Labour Any Way

Remember all that election propaganda and charade of value for money, accountability and transparency but forget that now, the election is over!